Drink from the Wellspring

I possess the Black Cube already, and perhaps other supplements and items for the Invisible Sun game, and am ready to call my fellow vislae from the Grey and set forth on our narrative. I receive a copy of The Wellspring in print and PDF.

The Wellspring offers a wealth of inspiration and ideas for establishing characters and their Desideratum (initial goals). It then gives me detailed avenues for launching and nurturing our new narrative, including locations, NPCs, creatures, and organizations both new and already established within the Actuality. This will initially be a modest product, but will grow throughout this campaign with new content, props and handouts, and more as I and other backers channel magic into it through the attainment of stretch goals.
Looking for additional supplements? The Expand into the Actuality pledge level gives you The Wellspring plus a library of six existing Invisible Sun supplements, at an excellent bundle price!

This Level Includes:

🗝️ The Wellspring in print
📲 The Wellspring in PDF


Don't forget the Vislae Kit!

This companion product contains the materials a single player may want, including Invisible Sun dice, a Sooth Deck, and character tomes, tokens, and other consumable items.  It's offered as an add-on so you can include it with any pledge level.

The Vislae Kit

Don't see a pledge level that has exactly what you want? Some items are available as add-ons; pick a pledge level that comes closest without including things you don't want. Because inventory is limited, we cannot offer the supplements individually during this campaign.

Some product images are illustrative mock-ups and are subject to change.

Drink from the Wellspring

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