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Project Update: The Weird Deluxe Upgraded—Next Stretch Goal Is Eye-Opening!

Thank you again, backers!

This campaign is now in its final week—just a few days left! We moved purposefully through the quieter, middle portion of the campaign, and, fittingly, that progress has unlocked yet another stretch goal. We've upgraded the deluxe version of The Weird once more. What's next? We have a bunch of exciting things to share—but first:

Tell Your Friends—Tell the World!

Share this online raffle to help reach the next stretch goal and unlock new content and upgrades! BackerKit crowdfunding is a relatively new platform, so new backers don't stumble upon exciting campaigns as easily—but tweeting, posting, and talking about The Weird, in any form or format—helps spread the word. 

Share the raffle!

Let's Pull Your Players into the Glimmering Valley

Our next stretch goal is a campaign exclusive! We want to bring the Glimmering Valley to life in the minds of your players, and to do that we want to make a special item just for them. The premise of The Glimmering Valley is that it's a great launching point for your campaign—the place your PCs grew up; their home. Naturally, they know the area, its people, its terrain, and even its dangers, as well as you know your own home town.

The Glimmering Valley Player's Book
will be a separate product (in print and PDF) that has everything a player would know about the Glimmering Valley. It provides details about the village of Neandran and the important individuals who live there, including the culture and customs and how the PCs might fit in (or not). It also presents information about the valley, including significant sites, flora and fauna, and local dangers to be wary of, conveyed through evocative art as well as text. Lastly, for players brand new to Numenera, it provides a general overview of the world and the background, but all from the point of view of someone in the Glimmering Valley.

While this is a separate book, it won't be a huge product (it will be eight pages or so). And most of the content is taken from material already in The Glimmering Valley. But it's optimized for familiarizing your players with their home—adding even more depth to their backstories and their understanding of the setting that launches your campaign.

As a print product, this is a campaign exclusive: if The Glimmering Valley is among your rewards, you'll receive this additional product alongside it in the same format. It won't be widely available in print through other means, though. We'll unlock this Player's Book at $400,000.

Celebrate Our Birthday With Us at Gamehole Con

Got plans for late October? We're having a birthday party—and you're invited. It'll be held at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI, on October 22nd. There'll be drinks, snacks, gifts, and a good time, and just about the entire MCG team will be there. Gamehole Con is a fantastic mid-sized show: relaxed, but with loads of great things to do and a heavy emphasis on RPGs. In addition to our birthday party, we'll be running games and seminars and hanging out all weekend. We hope you'll join us!

New Mini Designs Revealed

As part of this campaign, we're making a set of ten minis that showcase a weird twist on conventional creatures and characters. We revealed four of them at the launch of the campaign—and now we have two more to show you!

The minis are available as add-ons, and are also part of the GONZO! pledge level—along with a bunch of great stuff at a great deal. If you aren't backing at that level, should you consider an upgrade?

How quickly can we reach our next goal? The final week is often very exciting, so let's hit it quickly and see what else can happen this week! Please remember to keep spreading the word, because it's not as easy for gamers who are unfamiliar with MCG to stumble upon this campaign the way they might stumble upon a campaign on Kickstarter. It's your help that will unlock this stretch goal—and more!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG
Goal: $400,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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