Charles Ryan
about 1 year ago

Project Update: The Player’s Book is Unlocked!

Thanks once more, backers!

We’re in the closing hours of this campaign, and you’ve unlocked another stretch goal: The Glimmering Valley Player's Book, a campaign-exclusive expansion to your rewards!

This title will be a separate product (in print and PDF) that has everything a PC from the Glimmering Valley would know about their home region. It provides details about the village of Neandran and the important individuals who live there, including the culture and customs and how the PCs might fit in (or not). It also presents information about the valley, including significant sites, flora and fauna, and local dangers to be wary of, conveyed through evocative art as well as text. Lastly, for players brand new to Numenera, it provides a general overview of the world and the background, but all from the point of view of someone in the Glimmering Valley. Every backer who gets The Glimmering Valley will get this book with it.

This is an exclusive for this campaign—as a print item, it won’t be available elsewhere. Thanks for making it a reality!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG




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