Charles Ryan
over 1 year ago

Project Update: 12,000+ Weird Ideas!

Hello, backers—

Monte and the design team have been quietly plugging away at The Weird over the past months. We’re pleased to tell you that the design phase is about over. The book is moving into development and editing now. Layout isn’t far away!

(We say “about” because a book like this doesn’t have a hard stop. If one of the designers suddenly says, “Wait! I have another cool idea!” we might be able to squeeze it in right up into the layout phase.)

A normal RPG book of this size might not take so long to complete. But it’s the ideas, not the words, that take the most time and effort—and The Weird is an astonishingly idea-dense book. The current count is north of 12,000 unique and different ideas and prompts to help make your games more engaging, fun, and, well, weird.

We’ll have some art to share, and maybe an early peek at layout, in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, signups for The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game are now well north of 6,000, just a week or so after we announced it. This one is looking like it might set some records!

Thanks again for your support!
—Team MCG




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