The Book of Life and Death

The Book of Life and Death

The Book of Life and Death is a DnD 5e one-shot adventure, suitable for 4-5 characters of 5th level. 15+ pages of adventure, monsters, NPCs, battle maps, and more. Plus a free introductory setting guide to the Infinite Archives for every backer!
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Behold adventurers! Everything you need to run an immersive one shot in an all-new setting of infinite possibility. Back this adventure and receive the Primer as a free gift throughout this campaign.

  • 3x monster stat blocks with original art

  • 2x battle maps

  • 1x dungeon map

Navigate through the adventure like you rolled a nat 20 for Survival with its intuitive PDF format, with clickable links and bookmarks.

Please note: The sample is a work in progress and is subject to change.

Given the unique setting where this one shot takes place, we are giving every backer of this debut adventure a complimentary copy of The Infinite Archives Primer, so you have everything you need to run not only this one shot, but every future adventure set in the Infinite Archives too! If you’re feeling creative, you can even create your own homebrew adventures set in its hallowed halls.

  • Setting history and lore

  • Setting geography and layout

  • 3x monster stat blocks with original art

  • 3x magic items with original art



You may be wondering why you would back a $7 one shot from a brand new Collective...

With Mystic Quill Collective, an adventure is never just an adventure. For only $7 you are getting so much more than a one shot!

You’ll be getting:
  • VTT tokens for every monster
  • Digital map pack
  • Digital art files full of monsters and NPCs
  • A personalized thank you in the credits

Plus, you receive a free introductory setting guide, The Infinite Archives, brimming with lore, history, additional monsters, NPCs, and magic items!

  • $1/hour. The adventure itself provides up to 7 hours of game time, giving you a whole hour of adventure per dollar.
  • Cartography Crazy. Where most one shots have a singular battle map, this adventure comes with TWO battle maps AND a dungeon map! 
  • Art Assets Galore. Original art for every monster and magic item in the core adventure and Primer.

The Collective may be new to the DnD scene, but the creators are not! Between us, we have credits in 50+ high quality DnD 5e publications, so you know you’ll be getting top-quality material at a fair price point.


Wondering how a playthrough of The Book of Life and Death might look? Here we have comedic dungeon crawlers, Malt and Magic, to give you a glimpse into the Infinite Archives.

Watch as the party navigates the Archives, tries to tame an awakened book, and faces off against the Book of Life and Death itself! This video captures a full playthrough of the one shot, omitting the first battle encounter for the sake of brevity (if we can call 3.5 hours brief!).

Our heartfelt thanks to Malt and Magic for featuring our debut adventure on their stream. Check it out below:


Every pledge you make on this campaign goes straight to the passionate creators behind our original DnD 5e adventures.

We are a small Collective, a trio of dedicated creatives who live and breathe fantasy, role-play, and world building. There are no middlemen here—just a group of friends crafting unique and immersive adventures out of pure love for the art of story.

Your support not only encourages us to embrace our own creativity but will also help us collaborate with other amazing creators, ensuring that every adventure we publish is filled with beautiful, soul-generated artwork and captivating storytelling.

By backing our project, you're not just funding a product, you're joining a community of players and creators who share a passion for DnD.


To celebrate passing our funding goal, we will be expanding on The Infinite Archives Primer, so with your support, we can build out the world of the Archives together!

1. Includes only stat block text and layout.
2. Additional monster art for the stat block above.
3. Fulfilled separately, a few weeks after the rest of fulfilment.

Because this is a digital-only project, there are no frustrating manufacturing delays or sky-high shipping costs!

This project will be fulfilled and sent directly to your inbox, within 4 weeks of the campaign closing.


We are passionate about collaborations and believe a rising tide lifts all boats!

For this project, we are honored to be collaborating with some amazing artists as well as a bold party of dungeon crawlers!

Kierston is a talented cartographer who specializes in hand-drawn fantasy maps. This being her first battle map commission, she threw herself into the project and is creating a phenomenal paper and ink, hand-drawn battle map of a pulsating hive that is the lair of a chilling awakened tome.

Check out some of the progress videos and her other work below!

This talented English-based illustrator and cartographer is contributing both a battle map and a dungeon map to the adventure. With a wealth of experience in TTRPG maps, he was an obvious choice when we were seeking cartographers. The battle map is an innovative, 2-part map of gears and cogs with a rotating centrepiece, while the dungeon map hones in on the relevant section of the Infinite Archives, helping to immerse the party in this dynamic setting. Liam produces digitally hand-drawn maps and illustrations. He also specializes in NPC art and we partner with him to create stat blocks for his buxom pin-ups and other NPCs.

Check out his work on Instagram!

These DnD streamers are a party of dungeon crawlers active on a whole host of platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Spotify. Their style of play leans into role-playing, with an emphasis on creating complex characters and building immersive worlds brimming with lore and history. They kindly agreed to run a live play-through of The Book of Life and Death to capture more of the essence of this adventure for you, our prospective backers. Check out the full video below to get an idea of the content you’ll receive by backing this project.

Check out the rest of their content below.


Mystic Quill Collective is a community of scribes and artisans, crafting unique settings and daring adventures; lethal monsters and arcane wonders; compelling NPCs and compromising encounters!

From across the globe, the Collective has united with a singular mission—to furnish the TTRPG community with top-quality, fresh, and fun 5e content! Join us in our inaugural adventure by backing this campaign!

The best adventure is always the next one...

With 16 years in graphic design, Piotr began specializing in DnD layout and design in 2021. Since then, he has created over 20 publications for 5e and collaborated on the launch of 20+ successful crowdfunding campaigns.

David is both an accomplished illustrator and exquisite adventure writer, bringing a mechanical prowess to the Collective’s game design and an abundance of creativity to the adventures and the world-building. Specializing in one-shots, David has released 7 adventures, contributed to 4 other adventures, and, as an illustrator, has been published in books, adventures, collectible card games, computer games, and more.

Nicci-Grace is the Collective’s resident lorekeeper and world builder. Also known as DnD Nomad (@dndnomadgirl), she travels the globe bringing the joy of DnD to every corner of the earth while collecting foreign folklore to inspire our settings and add exotic flair to our adventures. While she enjoys contributing to the writing and world-building, her true passion lies in meeting other creatives and collaborating with them to help bring a shared vision to life.


At Mystic Quill Collective, we stand in defiance of the onslaught of AI-generated images. As artists ourselves, we are passionate about protecting artists and their work. All our art is human-generated, hand-drawn, and inspired by our own imaginations, ensuring a personal, human touch in every illustration.

Check out some examples of our magic items, monsters, and maps:


We love to hear from adventurers great and small, and live to share our work with you all. If you’d like to tell us your latest game tale, suggest an idea for an adventure, monster, or magic item in the Archives, or get sneak peeks into our projects, connect with us on our social media platforms.

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