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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Customs Delays!

Hey everyone, 

I am unfortunately here to share some sad news about our beloved plushies. 

I reached out today to figure out why the HECK our plushies werent here yet. I was told by the folks at CPSC that our stuff was being held at customs because of a miscommunication between them and our shipper. Because of yet ANOTHER egregious error on their part, we are now in a limbo state of not knowing when they will be released from customs. 

Now, we know this is INCREDIBLY frustrating, and believe me, if I could hand-carry them out of customs today I would! But, the sad reality is that we are currently at the mercy of the system and will get these precious monsters to you ASAP.

I wish I could give you an exact day, but I would rather not disappoint anyone more than I already have. 

Rest assured that we will be rewarding EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU for your continued patience, understanding, and kind words of compassion. I will continue to regularly update everyone. :)

More as soon as I have it!





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