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It's a Thieves Life

It's a Thieves Life

From the creators at Polyhedral Earth Society. IT’S A THIEVES LIFE. A DCC-compatible source book all about thieves for both judges and players 60+ pages of thief-related content to spice up your campaign.
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We are a small group of content creators out of SE Michigan who specialize in TTRPGs. We love everything DCC OSR BECMI and AD&D (1e/2e). With over 80+ years of combined game master experience and countless 5+year long-running campaigns, we now want to bring this content to the world.

We share the same passion for these games as you do and our mission is to make cool stuff you enjoy using at your table.

No thief should simply be a series of pickpockets and backstabs. They should be dynamic and fun to play. Taking risks and living by their wits is the currency they deal in. There are as many types of thieves as there are leaves on a tree or rats in the sewer. 

We have created a 60+ page book to help new and experienced players and judges alike play the class we all love to hate. 

The Players section includes:
  • How to play a thief
  • Types of thieves' guilds
  • Real thieves cant
  • a new set of birth augur
  • New tools and tricks
  • Types of thieves' guilds
  • Guild war tactics
  • .... and more

The Judges section includes:
  • New pickpocket tables
  • A fully fleshed-out guild with a front.
  • One of a kind guild-building system
  • EZ roll adventure 
  • Traps
  • Rumors and scandals 
  • Famous NPC's created by our backers.

The Pickpocket Deck features 55 unique playing card-sized random encounters a Judge can use to create memorable and challenging pickpocket attempts.
                                                    All of our art and content is 100% human-created.



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Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager 

We estimate the shipping cost on one book to be around $5-7 this includes packaging to prevent damages.
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