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Project Update: The 22nd Lord and Die Vote

Okay y'all.

Here we are. We are voting on the Chaos Die right now. The Lord has lots of options, but it's mostly just names, so understand the interpretation of that name is a step I'll work with czarfunkle to determine, trying to take into account as many people's thoughts as I can with the design from the comments!

You get 1 vote on the name. Make it count!

Die Face Vote

For the die faces, we have many very fun options. You can pick as many as you like, so please start at the top, and click every one you like until you get to the bottom, then submit. I will be picking the top 6 (or more... more on that later) voted faces to go on the die. If one or more of the top choices are very similar, I may choose the more popular one and skip to another highly voted face to make sure each face does something unique.

I will give this until Monday, then I will come back with the results!

Thanks for taking part everyone, this has been so much fun-- please share the pre-order store with friends and family who might have missed the campaign so we can get a bit closer to the extra community copies and funds.

We've already broken $225, and I think we'll break $250 shortly!
And about 700 of you havent filled out your surveys yet to grab add-ons and input your address, so be sure to do that soon!

Thanks everyone!

Talk again real soon,

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