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Project Update: The Chaos Lord and Die

The 22nd Lord

The votes have been tallied. The fates have been divined. Our 22nd Lord is the Trickster. A trivial name for a trivial being.

But what's in a name, when you're the Lord of Chaos? That's another of its names, of course... It is known as the Thing Among Reflections, the Shifting Sands, The Raven, That Which is Dead and That Which is Alive. The Alleyman misunderstood this being. It is not merely a creature in the liminal space of shadow and refraction, nor a mere trickster. It is infinitely less and more all at once. It is something strange moving beneath the surface of all things.

And we may now look on it, in its Empty Throne.

czarfunkle worked in a lot of the things people wanted as details around the card-- the least of which is the inclusion of many of the top voted names scrawled onto the card.  The void of infinite space, the empty throne, the golden apple, the squirrel, the rabbit, and the octopus, the raven, and an ode to Schrodinger's Cat. This is everything people asked for all at once, and to make that stay true, I've done something a bit wild with the final die as well...

The 22nd Die

The votes have been counted. The top six dice faces are...
  1. 57.9% The Book 
  2. 49.5% The Butterfly Effect 
  3. 46.3% The Joker 
  4. 41.2% End the Reading 
  5. 38.8% Broken Clock 
  6. 38.2% Whirlwind 

But this is an abnormal lord, an abnormal die. And it has just so many titles...
What are a few more faces among friends?

    7. 36.3% Add an Unrolled Die
    8. 35.9% The Shadow
    9. 35.6% Re-roll Lost dice
    10. 35.4% Re-roll nearest dice
    11. 30.9% The Burning Bridge
    12. 29.5% The Blank

Yes, the Chaos Die will be 12-sided. But some of these faces are still quite similar to one another, so let's mix and match, and take a look at the runner ups who just squeaked into place... by looking at the final faces of the Chaos Die.

Grimoire - Consult the books. Open this guide, a guide to another deck, or simply another book entirely, to a random page. That page presides over this reading in place of this die in its spot.
Mirrored Raven - Re-roll the dice in the quarter this lands in. If it lands in the core, re-roll the full reading. Take note of what has changed. Is this another path, or a dark reflection?
Joker - Consult the cards. Shuffle a deck and deal a card in place of this die from any deck of cards. It presides in this reading.
Broken Clock - The nearest dice in this reading come in strange ways on odd paths. They will not matter when you think they should. They are out of sync. In the core, this die face warns you this reading is out of time. It is not time for you to know it. You should end while you can.
Dice - The dice are lonely still. Add an unrolled die to this reading. In the core, add up to 3 unrolled dice.
Shadow - The dice in this quarter are read in shadow-- inverted meanings. In the core, the whole reading is read this way.
Burning Bridge - Going forward damns all other paths.
Unknowable - This is blank, and it is uneasily empty. Something has shifted or changed, something was here but its gone now.
Flip - Flip the dice in this quarter so their bottoms are on top. In the core, flip all dice this way.
Entropy - The face of change. Entropy is afflicted in different ways in a reading based on its space in the reading.
Dumpster Fire - The nearest die is blazing aflame. If you go near it, you will enter the mess. It will leave a scar.
Collision - Roll this die again through the reading, allowing any changes it makes to the reading from collisions with other dice. If it landed in the core, you may flick it with intention.

And yes, this means there will be 12 more cards added to the Dice Face Oracle deck, and that the dice box is being adjusted so a d12 fits in the center spot.

Thanks everyone!!





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