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almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Funded in just 2 1/2 hours!

Hello you amazing lovely wonderful incredible (and did I mention very very cool) people!

We did it in just barely 2 1/2 hours-- we broke the $50,000 funding goal!

As of this writing, we've blown past $60,000 as well! Thank you for joining Backerkit and your very thankful Publishing Goblin with your support on this new platform's journey! Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing the newly updated dice faces for the original set of 14, the stone choices for the stone dice set, more and more art of the Lords, the new reading grid that will be on the reverse side of your reading cloth, and more!

For right now, I can answer a few questions I've been asked:
  1. You can update your pledge at any time, it won't change the date you pledged or cheat you of the free 21-Lord Oracle.
  2. The 21-Lord Oracle will feature all 21 Lords of the dice, as illustrated by czarfunkle.
  3. The Lord's Print Set currently features just the 7 prints it says on the tier it has, but as stretch goals unlock more prints, they will be automatically added to the print sets, no extra cost.
  4. Shipping will be charged post-campaign as per usual with Backerkit stuff, and you can see estimated shipping prices on the campaign page.
  5. Stretch goals will have their amounts revealed soon. I was suggested to wait until I saw how our momentum was going, and good thing I did! You have all knocked this far far out of the park!
  6. The dice are 16mm and are engraved.
  7. The dice in the original set that are receiving changes beyond just some updated symbol graphics are:
    1. Action Die is having Harmony become Raze.
    2. Autumn Die is having Blood become Stores.
    3. Fate Die is becoming the Gambler's Fate Die, and every face is changing. If you have the old one from the original set, you can use it as it used to be, but know the new one is utterly different.
    4. Obstacles Die is having Inner become Yet to Come and Outer become Emergence.
    5. Spring Die is having Wheel become Whimsy, as Wheel is moving to the Gambler's Die with the Roulette.
    6. Winter Die is having Obstacle/Wall become Snow (which will have the meaning Frost used to have, Frost is now about lack of mobility, frozen in place,) and Isolation become Memento.

And that's all for now! Oh wait, I think... yes, she's coming around the bend now. There she is, laughing in the heat of the intense sun and just a bit day-drunk, the Crone of Summer! Thanks again to czarfunkle for these incredible Lords illustrations! Look out for the Youth of Spring sometime soon!

If you are so moved, please copy the header image of the campaign and share it around to friends and family on social media, using this link! Let's see how far we can take day 1-- I think we can outdo the Alleyman's!

Fondest and most thankful regards,
your Publishing Goblin




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