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Project Update: Not to be Annoying... But We are Gonna Break the First Stretch Goal!


I very concernedly put amounts to the stretch goals earlier today after we funded, barely 4 hours ago. I still don't know what funding on this new platform will be like. Will it run out of steam faster, will it be more consistent, will I lose a lot of possible pledges because we don't have Kickstarter's discovery driving people here? So many possibilities!

And yet, in the next hour, we'll be breaking 100,000$, the first stretch goal's amount! I'm pretty darn certain I'll be out of the house when the number actually ticks over 100,000$, but it's clearly about to get there in just an hour or less.

First, the Heir of Earth, Lord of the Elements Die, will be added to the print set.
Anyone who is going to get the $20 print set is getting the Heir of Earth as part of that set, now. As soon as czarfunkle finishes the Youth of Spring and the Maid of Winter, they will be tackling the remaining lords in the order they're being unlocked.

Second, czarfunkle is getting a $2000 bonus for the amazing work they are doing on the Lords!
(Once each of the artists who have taken part get their bundle bonus, remaining artist bonuses tied to stretch goals go to all of them!)

czarfunkle is hard at work on the Youth of Spring and the Maid of Winter, but was willing to preview the sketch on the Youth of Spring! Thanks again for all your hard work, so so so many people are obsessed with these Lords and can't wait to have these cards in hand, myself included!

I am keeping a very very close eye on the funding trend on this project, and I may as time goes on adjust stretch goals to better fit the likely funding trend of this project. This is just to say, I really want to keep the stretch goals within possibility, so I may adjust some of them to be smaller as time goes on. The funding aspect of this all is just so up in the air to me, with Kickstarter I felt like I knew it fairly well, but this is a new ballgame! I will only add more goal rewards or lower the numbers, I wont increase them or put anything out of reach! : )




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