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Project Update: Community Copies and Funds | The Chronicler of Choice | Your Favorite Stores

Hello supporters! You are all lovely human beings and I am thankful for each and every one of you. Thanks for joining this journey!

Today has been a brutal day in terms of news in the US, and those in power seem to think threatening even worse things in the future is the way forward. This seems like as good a time as any for me to bring up and talk about my Community Copy and Funds programs attached to this project. More than ever, mutual aid through the arts is needed.

Communal Aid

Community Copies

For every 100 sets of dice claimed on this project, whether they are stone or plastic, full or only the new dice in the upgrade tier, a set is being added to the community pool. The final count to determine how many community sets there are will be determined after people have a chance to get add-ons properly in the pledge manager, and after pre-orders get finished.

If you or a friend or loved one would love a set, but cannot afford it right now, no questions asked, they can fill out the google form here to sign up on the list.  Right now, there are 96 people on the list, but just barely 30 sets in the pool. This will change when we hit post-campaign and people can order extras, or outright order a community set for $35 as an add-on. Plus retailers will schew this upwards big time! : )
The signup form is here.

Those who get the sets do not have to pay a dime, not for the items not for shipping. If they are international, there may be import taxes or fees associated, but I will cover whatever I can.

Community Funds
Additionally 5% of the funds earned on this campaign after the 10% fees of Bk and card charging goes through is being set aside as a divination community fund. Right now thats a good $8000! I will be disbursing it equally among projects for the rest of the year-- indie tarot artists, oracle makers, and small presses trying to do their first divination projects. It's a small thing, but it means a lot to have strings-free financial support. I could have used it when I started, and I want to pay this forward as much as possible. 
I'll especially be looking for spots where we can help push them over their goals on crowdfunding projects, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Backerkit, etc. 

The Chronicler of Choice

Every choice we make crafts our own history. The massive and small choices all matter, and they are represented in the biggest themes that overtake our lives. On the Majors Die, we see some of these biggest moments of change, strangeness, or adversity. Joy, fleeting as it is, is as important as loss, as the weight of a final choice.

The Chronicler of Choice knows this, and writes it all down with equal attention. The good and the bad. It is all in our history.

Your Favorite Stores

So one of the best ways to support this campaign right now is to share the campaign with people who might be excited about it! A piece of that is this-- please feel free to share in comments here your favorite occult, arcane, or indie book stores! Got a metaphysical shop in town you think might want a retailer set of these dice? Please let me know about them! 
Share their store website, or better, their store email if you have it on hand!
I will be sending out emails to them letting them know that one of their patrons suggested them. This is going to be one of the best and fastest ways to increase our community copy pool, and it will help get some of the Pub Gob's weirdness in your local stores! : )

Thank you all!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and this weekend is Denver Pride. I'll be there with my incredible boyfriend and maybe I'll see some of you there. Find your joy where you can, in the face of all the horrors of the world. We're here together. Take heart in that.





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