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Project Update: 175,000! | The New Symbols | The Quivering Monarch


Holy cow, we picked up a little traction here and just broke through 175!
At this goal, we unlock the Chronicler of Choice (shared in last update) and the Accuser (coming soon!) for the art print set! Anyone getting the art print set is now getting 13 prints in that set! 
Additionally, the artists involved are all getting a bonus $100, czarfunkle, Amy Smith, Sam Dow, and the Caretaker, and we're adding 10 copies to the Community Copy pool AND $100 on the Community Funds!

You have waited long enough-- New Symbols Preview!

This is exciting as all get out for me! I considered at the start of all this trying to update the symbols myself. Then I remembered that I already did my best job as a graphic designer on the first set, and so I stepped back and asked for some help. Amy Smith has done a remarkable job on the dice so far, and I want to share some of these!
Note that these new symbols will be on the 126-face Oracle Die Face Deck.

These symbols are nearly finalized, but may be subject to change.

New Spring Die

New Majors Die

As you can see, the Fate die had a total face lift and is now more in-tune with the Gambler.  On the Autumn die, we swapped the simple wheel for a full carriage, and replaced the Blood face (with the slit throat) with the new Stores face, featuring a barrel, stocked for the winter. The Actions die also has lots of changes to it to match the Lord's art, and similar changes like these are being done throughout the dice to update them in interesting new ways. 

Excited to share more dice as we get further with the redesigns! The Elements die looks so so so good.

The Quivering Monarch

This strange being is heralded by a swarm of butterflies, which gather in such numbers they block all vision. Then, she emerges. She is certainly not human, strange iridescent skin and always followed by muffled screams. Her die speaks of the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, creatures she is obsessed with herself. But she herself is something altogether different. A fae omen. She comes on quivering wings, and she is here. Be wary of what you say to her.





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