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Project Update: Where we're at! | Pictures!!!

It's been a little bit, but I've been finishing up clearing the storage unit of Alleyman things and finally being done with my part on that project. What a long process that has been, but rewarding and full of lessons. However, most of what I've been doing with the dice is the same as you all, waiting for news!

A note that Preorders are still open for people who missed the project, so PLEASE share this link with people if they see this over your shoulder and want it for themselves!

So, today I can share pictures I've been sent by the manufacturers. I don't have the test manufacturing prints of anything yet, but I should in the next two weeks. And based on these pictures, I'll be saying YES to it all very quickly.

Box Top Options

The Symbols Box Top

First up we have the box tops! The first image is three options for the wood, the dice box I have my hands on already is the middle one with the goblin face, just engraved with no filled in portions. Looks like they were testing (and offering) options on this, blacked in, just engraved, or gold! This is also your first view of the Symbols top option, with the dice symbols in their places over the holes that are inside the box. You don't have to arrange them this way, but I imagine many of you will be unable to help yourselves!

Keep in mind there are also blank box top options for people who get the wooden box, so you don't need an engraving at all. If you want to change your engraving choice, or add a box, feel free to reach out to Backerkit support for help adding to your order!

The dice cloth is amazing! It's double sided and features these two grids on the front and back. This is the original reading grid on the left, and the new reading grid with past, present, future, and fated on the right. It's 18"x18", and because it's double sided it will make a better bandana if you're so inclined. I found with the Alleyman's Tarot cloth being white on the back, it always looked a little odd if the underside showed while wearing it. This was part of the basic set, so if you got a basic pledge with the set and book, it also had a cloth! Ironically it was the most expensive thing in the set almost, because double sided fabric printing in full color is pricey.

The Oracle Dice!

But of course, you're here for the dice! These aren't quite the final versions. Only a few had molds made for them just yet, the rest are resin molds with our designs on them. This is to make sure it all looks good before we go all the way and buy to have the metal molds made for the large scale manufacturing, as the molds are expensive and making 22 of them only to find out they are no good would be an issue. I of course can note we don't see the D12 here just yet. By my count this is 20 dice, so 2 are missing. Looks like Obstacles and Chaos.

A few colors are off from what I sent them, so I'll adjust on that, but the symbols look great!

I'm waiting on the dice to show up to me so I can include photos in the guidebook, so no guidebook or journal has been printed yet. We'll get to those last, as books are FAST to print compared to how slow it is to get the dice, box, etc made. But what's that? Oh yeah, what about the stone dice?

Here's a BUNCH of the stone dice in someone's hand at the manufacturer. They look fantastic, but a few will need different inks to be legible. That's alright, we'll adjust.

But they're real, and they should be heading my way very soon!

Update again when I have things in hand and I've made my final revisions to everything!

Talk again soon,

your Pub Gob




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