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11 months ago

Project Update: A Short Update

Hello everyone!

I know it's been quiet, but it's really just been sitting around on my hands time. New Titan is putting things together, but it's Chinese New Year holiday, and we're just going to be waiting around a bit for that to wrap up. Knowing how long things will take, we should still be on for shipping in March, but thinking about how long things took to get from place to place on the Alleyman's, I wouldn't be surprised if it bled into April.

Unfortunately, I can't even get responses to emails at the moment because of the holiday, so I don't have a latest update on where things are, if things are moving-- I just don't know yet. 

I had an overall pleasant holiday, though my partner and I split up (amicably) at the start of December. Been trying to figure out some personal life things around that, and that coupled with no immediate or clear changes in the schedule on this project had made me hesitant to post an update. I hate to have no news. But I suppose no news is sometimes better than news. 

So tl;dr, we're on track for March, though we may be pushed into late March/early April. I can't say with certainty just yet, but will update when I have that info to share! Hope you're all well and healthy, and had lovely holidays.

Fond regards,
your Pub Gob




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