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Project Update: Manufacturing in Swing!

If you backed all three of my currently in process projects, don't be alarmed. The updates are all named the same thing because apparently at three different manufacturers, the projects are in manufacturing.

Last week I was told that everything but the dice is complete. By the end of this month, the resin dice will all be finished, and the stone dice wrapping up within a week of those. I will be updating soon as well with info on the shipping, as we should be putting in shipping prices and charging for that in the next week or so. I will make an update before that happens, so hang tight on that.

Shipping will begin not long after that when we have finalized packing lists and addresses for everyone. Non-North American packages will go directly out from the manufacturer like we did with the Alleyman's Tarot, and US packages will ship to the US first as a large grouping, then go out into the USPS system. I will be reaching out to the community copy recipients today to gather addresses. I think we're close enough now I can do that and not fear addresses changing! All things going as they should, we should be packages in hand for the vast majority of people by the end of April.

With that in mind...

I want to take the second here to let you all know that I have prepared my big project for the year:

The Alleyway Oracles
The Alleyway Oracles!
You can click through on it now and get signed up to be notified on launch day, which right now is tentatively May 16th. I'm fairly certain that on all three currently fulfilling projects that all packages will be in the mail or already in people's hands by that time, but if anything changes I may yet move it back.

This time around we're looking at 3 different decks-- The Alleyway Tarot, the Oracle of Secrets, and the Oracle of Play. This project will coincide with the release of the first episode(s) of the second season of the podcast, and a lot of the lore between the project and podcast will be shared, so it should be an even deeper dive into the Alleyman myth. There will be bundle bags of add-ons, a new booster pack, and more! 

I have been going a bit loopy gathering all the artists for it in 3 months, rather than a year like I did the first time, but with the template of the first project in hand I have had an easier time getting exactly all the info I need the first time around. As much as I would love to run a series of 12 projects next year, I think the better option is 1 divination project, 1 game project, and 1 project of some other variety a year (like the alleyman podcast cd set!). That way even if things overlap the audiences tend to be different enough, and I feel more confident things won't drag on. So aside from this project, I only have one currently planned project for October for a roleplaying game.

I thank you for all your patience. The dice especially were supposed to be in hand by now, and it's nice knowing it will be soon, but it really should have been months ago. For this reason, the Alleyway Oracles will be expected to fulfill in 2024, and I just won't put out another big divination project until it's done.

Thanks all!





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