Proud Member of the Purple Planet Horde!
Wrath of the Orb-Men! A Purple Planet Adventure

Wrath of the Orb-Men! A Purple Planet Adventure

Explore a hidden vale deep in the mysterious outback of the Purple Planet. Interact with bizarre cultures that battle in the shadow of an enormous metallic orb floating above a pitch-black lake of oily liquid!
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Purple Planet DCC Horde

This project is part of Purple Planet DCC Horde, which runs from February 6th - March 5th 2024. Learn more →


At the Edge of Nowhere, a Deadly Power Rises!

Regardless of the forces or circumstances that have brought you to this forsaken part of the Purple Planet, your path is clear: forward to adventure!

Explore a hidden vale deep in the mysterious outback of the Purple Planet. Interact with bizarre cultures that battle in the shadow of an enormous metallic orb floating above a pitch-black lake of oily liquid, upon which sails an ancient wise one who might possess the answers you need, or who could be the key to your destruction!

Wrath of the Orb-Men! is a 30+ page digest-sized 3rd level Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure set on Goodman Games' and Harley Stroh’s amazing Purple Planet.

Proud member of the Purple Planet Horde!


Pledge Levels

Wrath of the Orb-Men! PDF - $10
Receive the PDF of Wrath of the Orb-Men, plus all the stretch goal goodies!

Wrath of the Orb-Men! PDF & POD - $15
Receive a PDF of Wrath of the Orb-Men!, along with a DriveThruRPG print on demand code for the print version, plus all the stretch goal goodies! (Including print codes for any stretch goal items that can be printed).

Wrath of the Orb-Men! Signed Copy - $40
Receive a signed print copy of Wrath of the Orb-Men! (no need to order from DriveThruRPG) along with the PDF of the adventure, and also be added to the Purple Sorcerer Patrons page on the Purple Sorcerer website.

*Shipping for any additional POD items will be calculated and collected through DriveThruRPG after the campaign

Wrath of the Orb-Men! Retailer’s Bundle $100
Retailers can receive a special bulk discount: get 20 print copies of the Wrath of the Orb Men for $100. (Shipping calculated and charged after the campaign ends using BackerKit)

Stretch Goals

(Check out the Hoard section below to learn about exciting cross-campaign bonuses that accrue as additional Purple Planet campaigns are funded!)

Wrath of the Orb Men! Stretch Goals
  • At $2000, we’ll add Paper Miniatures and an Image Folio to enhance your play
  • At $2500, you’ll receive a full-color Poster pod code for one of Matt’s amazing images
  • At $3000 we’ll add Sandbox Notes for exploring the desolate surroundings of the Orb
  • At $3500 we’ll add a small Bestiary of terrors to bedevil your players
  • At $4000 we’ll add Tech Loot Tables
  • At $4500 we’ll add an additional mini adventure, The Rift that Breathes
  • At $5000 we’ll add a Glossary of Local Mutations
  • At $6000 we’ll add Battlemaps of prime fighting locations!
  • At $7000 we'll add 2 additional Full Color POD Posters
  • At $8000 we'll add a new local Deity/Patron!

And we’ll go from there!

The Artist

We are thrilled to again be working with the amazing Matt Sutton (Misinkthrope) to create the look of Wrath of the Orb Men! Matt’s skills have made him an increasingly popular artist in the Dungeon Crawl Classics community and beyond, so he is finishing other work before embarking on our images. But I hope the examples of his work shown below will create excitement for what's to come. It also means you’ll be able to experience the visual development of the adventure through project updates as Matt produces them! They really are works of art.

Examples of Matt’s amazing work!

The Purple Planet Horde

What is "THE HORDE"?
You mean other than... "TERRIFYING"?!

We are proud to be part of a group of third-party publishers producing new works connected to Goodman Games' volume of Harley Stroh's amazing Purple Planet setting and adventure. During this BackerKit campaign, backers can get exclusive content when they support projects that are part of the horde...including this one!

Purple Planet Horde Goals:
As part of the Purple Planet "Horde", we are excited to offer community Achievement Rewards in connection with other Purple Planet campaigns, in addition to our own Stretch Goals.


* If the entire horde funds (all Purple Planet 3PP projects), all backers of Wrath of the Orb Men! will receive an exclusive "Rune Lore" sheet, featuring some exciting new discoveries about these mysterious ancient symbols!

* Backers who support three Horde projects or more (including this one!), will receive EXCLUSIVE Drop-In one-page encounters from the backed projects. Don't miss ours, "Amongst the Bones," featuring an original illustration and map.

Check out all the members of the Horde!


About Purple Sorcerer Games

We love being part of the DCC community, and we were lucky enough to publish the very first 3rd party DCC adventure Perils of the Sunken City all the way back in 2012, and the fun continues! In addition to our best-selling adventures, we’ve been creating free Dungeon Crawl Classics tools since the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG beta was released in 2011. Our popular Zero-Level Party Generator has produced millions of characters doomed to be ground up in DCC’s popular funnel adventures, and over the years we’ve added many utilities that thousands of DCC players rely on. (Including the Ennie-Award winning Crawler’s Companion game management app, the Sorcerer’s Grimoire spellbook utility, the Upper Level Character Generator, the Lankhmar Character Generator, and the Mutant Crawl Classics Generator).

A selection of our adventures!
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