Rick Kitagawa
about 1 year ago

Project Update: PINS ARE OUT!

Hi everyone!

If you're one of the 102 awesome humans who filled out your pledge survey, your pins are now on their way to you!

Numbering, mounting, labelling, packing, and lugging all those pins was a bit of an undertaking that I had underestimated (I've never had this many limited edition pins to sort before!), but I'm super stoked to be sending these out to all of you.

Thanks again the patience and support, and hope you enjoy the pins!

I'll likely be taking a bit of a break from pin crowdfunding for a while (I've got a soft vinyl toy in the works coming up next), but you can always keep track of what I'm up to on instagram or my Patreon or by subscribing to the shop newsletter (I rarely send stuff out tbh) over at the store https://evilpin.club/shop

Thanks so much! 

PS - If you haven't filled out the survey, I'll be sending out a few FINAL announcements. Consider this your 3 month warning before I consider your pledges as donations to the furtherment of horror art. 





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