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about 1 year ago

Project Update: 🧄🫐Thank You for an Amazing Campaign!!!🌾🥕

A wonderful way to spend a day

Dear Backers, 

We started designing Wild Gardens at PAXU in 2021 and it's incredible to see it become a reality 2 years later. By not only hitting our funding goal but exceeding it we'll be able to make this beautiful game into something that players can enjoy for years to come.
Wild Gardens is a game that was created as a response to all the things that we missed during quarantine. It's a love letter to the friends and the sense of community we were excited to get back too. Through Wild Garden's playtesting and campaign, we've gotten to chat with old friends and meet many new ones. We're excited to see this community continue to grow and we hope you made some new connections with others. 

For the next few days our team is going to take some time off to celebrate. We'll be back next week with the vote for recipe cards and more info on when to expect the Pledge Manager. In the meantime, we invite you to celebrate with us by playing good games with your friends and eating some great meals. 


Lindsey and Isaac




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