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Project Update: 🌿🌻Update #11-Recipe Voting Results and a Deep Dive into Expansion Packs🌺🍃

A Perfect Slice of Walnut Pie

Dear Backers,

We have the results of our recipe card vote! Here are the winners:

  • Herb Garlic Morels on Grilled Polenta (Fungus)
  • Gooseberry Cake (Fruit)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Nuts and Seeds)
  • Anise Hyssop Peach Tartlets (Flowers)
  • Chimichurri (Leaves)
  • Fiddlehead Ferns Sautéed in Garlic and Lemon (Barks and Stems)
  • Hunter's Pie (Roots)
  • Chicken and Wild Rice Soup (Aquatic)

Thank you so much for your valuable votes and contribution towards shaping the direction of the community expansion pack. Now that the ingredients and recipe cards have been finalized for this expansion, it's a perfect time to delve deeper into what is featured in these packs. 

Each expansion pack showcases a unique theme while maintaining an equal amount of gameplay content. This means that every pack will include 18 new cards that can be seamlessly integrated into your game. Within each pack, you'll discover 8 fresh ingredients, 8 new recipes, 8 new guests, and a special card that grants you access to download a brand-new solo scenario.

Let's begin by exploring the variety of ingredients and recipes. Every pack features 8 double-sided recipe cards that introduce new forgeable ingredients and recipes, expanding your existing deck. These additions create fresh combinations of ingredient tokens, allowing you to cook an even wider array of diverse and mouthwatering meals to earn points.

The "meat" of the expansion lies within the eight new guest cards. Each guest card in the game possesses a completely unique ability, offering an abundance of strategic possibilities to score points. These new guest cards, exclusive to each expansion pack, introduce innovative ways to acquire resources, construct your cooking/serving engine, and present exciting opportunities to increase your endgame score. By incorporating these guests into your game, players can explore new strategies and combinations that diverge from those in the original box.

Lastly, each expansion pack includes a download for a new solo scenario, exclusively tailored to that specific expansion. This scenario embodies the thematic essence of the expansion, incorporating many of the new ingredients, recipes, and guests found within the pack. Our team had an absolute blast crafting these solo scenarios, which immerse players in absurd and often hilarious situations. For instance, in the Team expansion's solo scenario, you'll interact with numerous Rose Gauntlet team members, resulting in delightful and entertaining gameplay moments.

We hope this overview provides you with a clearer understanding of the features awaiting you in each expansion pack. Should you have any questions or require further information about the expansion packs, please don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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