Soul Food Wars Preorders

Soul Food Wars Preorders

Soul Food Wars is a parody comic of the popular anime and manga, Food Wars. With a focus on soul food and its culture, it's a short romp into the school manga genre.
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Welcome to the preorder campaign for my manga parody comic, Soul Food Wars! I'm offering a digital copy but I'm also going to have print copies done as well because I know some people (me for one) prefer not to read a screen for too long. I hope you'll enjoy it!

The Comic

It was just a little joke that wouldn't leave the back of my mind. Eventually, I made the cover, copying the cover of volume one of the manga. But the idea still wouldn't leave. A story started forming and the comic was born.

Soul Food Wars follows Lejani Jones, a first year student at Angel Oak Culinary Academy. Angel Oak is the premier culinary school in the country that focuses on the legacy and future of soul food. He quickly finds himself in the crosshairs of Grace McKinnon, the "princess" of the academy (and her loyal and passionate assistant) when he declares her food boring. The assistant challenges him to a Battle of Cuisine where the loser will face immediate expulsion. Will Lejani rise to the occasion? Or will his culinary career crash?

The Students of Angel Oak Culinary Academy

This comic is a reimagining of the original one shot Food Wars comic found in the back of volume one of the manga. I tried to keep to the spirit of the original concept while adjusting it to the culture of soul food. Just a little risqué. Just a little over the top. Definitely all black. 

The comic will be shipping out in time for Thanksgiving, when the comic will be available for those who didn't preorder. Of course this is barring any shipping delays for those who bought physical copies, but you'll at least have your digital copies to hold you tight. You all will be the first to know if there are any scheduling hiccups. 

The Budget

This is for preorders for the comic. I've budgeted for a small run for the people who would like a print copy as well. If the goal isn't met, the comic will still be available as a pdf in my comic shop. So win-win! But if you want to lock in your copy early, please pledge and tell your friends!!!


Now, onto the fun stuff! The Rewards!!

  • THE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!!!!    For just 48 hours, you can get the early bird special that includes the digital copy of the comic, the physical copy, AND a brand new, exclusive mini print of a redrawing of Food Wars Vol. 2's cover! And this is for only $12!!

  • $1   If you just want to support the project (and me as a creator) you can pledge a dollar and you will have my eternal thanks for helping make this happen. I know times are tough so I appreciate every little bit!

  • $5   For just five dollars you'll get a digital copy of Soul Food Wars complete with Lejani's recipe.

  • $10  At the ten dollar level, you can get a physical copy of Soul Food Wars AND the digital copy as a bonus.

  • $20  At twenty dollars, you'll get the physical copy of the comic, a digital copy, and I'll happily throw in a 2" x 3" sketch card of one of the characters. Maybe even my version of a character that appears later in the comic/anime.

  • $50  If you're generous enough to pledge fifty, you'll get the physical copy, the digital version, AND you'll get a 9" x 12" pencil drawing of a character, either one in the comic or my interpretation of other characters. I'm only offering ten of these so hop on it if you want one!


Stretch Goals!


If the campaign reaches $600, I'll add the recipe for Lejani's challenger to the comic as well. These are recipes I've developed and tested myself so I assure you, as a prideful home cook, I'm ready to share them with you.


If the campaign reaches $800, I'll have stickers made of all the characters (and a few not appearing in this comic) for those who pledge at the $10 and up levels.



Finished Pages

Soul Food Wars Page 1

Soul Food Wars Page 8


For those of you who want the physical copy and any of the sketches/drawings, there will be a flat $5 shipping fee. This will be added on when your pledge is collected through the pledge manager. 
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