AEON: Ancient Greece Vol 5

AEON: Ancient Greece Vol 5

AEON: Ancient Greece Vol 5 - The Lords of Olympus brings the very Gods themselves to your game! Also includes the NEW adventure "The Challenge of the Charities"
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AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 5 - "The Lords of Olympus"

Greetings O' Glorious Hero of Antiquity!

Welcome to Mount Olympus, where the Gods dwell and play games with the lives of mortals for fun and amusement. 

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 5 "The Lords of Olympus" breathes life to the very Gods of Ancient Greece and  brings them to your table. 

It's our largest zine yet!

Clocking in at a whopping 68 pages(!), here's what you get when you back this project today:

  • The Gods' Crit Table: In the off chance your players decide to challenge one of the many Gods found in Ancient Greece to battle, this table will deal massive amounts of pain and suffering to your upstart mortals. From slamming your PC's to the ground... the instant shattering of bones... to curses and damage to their souls... the crit table of the Gods is full of flavor. The kind of flavor that brings tears (of laughter we hope) to your players. And if not, then maybe next time they shouldn't pick a fight with a God... Actions have consequences after all...

  • We all know the major Gods like Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, etc... But the Olympians are not the only divine powers in ancient Greece. The halls of Mount Olympus are filled with scores of lesser gods such as Asclepius, Iris, Hestia, and many, many more!  We've included them all - even the Titans for some epic clashes!

  • Get full stats and abilities for all of the major and minor Gods of Ancient Greece.

  • A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE! "The Challenge of the Charities" - The Charities, also known as the Graces, are goddesses of mirth, beauty, joy and festivity. Zeus has decided it is time for these gorgeous goddesses to get married. But only the worthiest of mortals will be considered.

    This adventure pits any PC willing to undergo one of the most difficult challenges of their lives. Most who try, fail and die. Will your PC's survive and win the hand one of beautiful Charities? Truly one of the greatest treasures one could ever hope to get!

  • Awesome art by Simone Tammetta (Ziggurat of the Blood God), Diego Acevedo, Martina Pannozzo and Christopher Willett. Here's a few of samples of the art you'll find inside...

Eris by Martina Pannozzo

Nyx by Simone Tammetta

Statue of Zeus sketch by Diego Acevedo. The final is on track to be delivered long before we go to print.

So grab your nicest toga and let's get the wedding festivities started by backing today!

Option #1. PDF Only - Just $8

Get your hands on the 5th volume in our Ancient Greece campaign setting series via PDF immediately upon the successful completion of this Backerkit campaign once funds are released.

This is a great choice for those living outside the USA as there is no shipping cost.

Option #2. PRINT & PDF - Only $14

As above, you’ll get the PDF immediately once Backerkit releases the funds and you'll also get a printed copy mailed directly to your  doorstep shortly thereafter for your gaming enjoyment and pleasure. 

Option #3. Limited Edition Gold Foil Print & PDF - Only $25

Just 50 gold foil covers will be made. Grab yours right now before it's too late!

Same great content, but with an beautiful, handmade gold foil cover.

Just like option #2 above, you’ll get a PDF copy immediately after the Backerkit campaign is over and funds clear PLUS a special limited edition Gold Foiled cover mailed directly to you shortly thereafter.

These gold foil covers are lovingly handmade* and crafted at home before being sent off to the printers to be finished.

*FYI: Because these are handmade, there are small blemishes that occur. These blemishes are a normal part of the gold foiling process and cannot be helped. Personally, we think they’re cool and add character as no two covers will be exactly 100% the same. We hope you’ll feel the same way once you get your copy into your hands.

ADD-ON #1. Extra Copy of AEON Volume 5 "The Lords of Olympus" - Just $14

Keep your Gold Foil cover in pristine condition by grabbing a regular “White cover” copy for your gaming table and regular use.

Or, buy an extra copy as a gift for a friend/family member. 

ADD-ON #2. Super Shipping Protection: Only $4

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Your order will ship in a sturdy, thick cardboard envelope  specifically designed to take a beating and keep your zine safe and  sound.

We also use a waterproof plastic bag to wrap your order in so if the box gets wet, everything inside should be safe and sound.

*We STRONGLY RECOMMEND this option for Gold Foil backers.

ADD-ON #3. Aeon Volume 1: The Labyrinth of Daedalus

Choose between a PDF ONLY copy ($8) or PRINT & PDF ($12).

Did you miss the AEON: Ancient Greece volume 1 Kickstarter a couple years ago?

Well don’t worry because we’ve got your back!

Here's just a taste of what you'll find inside AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 1:

  • Complete 0-level character creation rules! From Athlete,  Basketweaver and Charioteer to Hoplite or Sailor - Over 40 professions  and their starting equipment to roll up randomly. Plus…

  • Includes a full list and rules for bronze age equipment, weapons and armor…

  • Attention Judges! Run your friends' newly created characters  through the deadly Labyrinth of Daedalus - a 0-level funnel filled with  DCC inspired mayhem, trickery and death (Hades will love you for adding  to his empire)!

  • Over 300 ancient Greek names - Female and Male!

  • Includes pre-generated 0-level characters so you and your friends can jump right into the action!

  • Fully immerse and inspire yourself in the exciting history of  Ancient Greece with an 'Appendix N' for your reading and viewing  pleasure…

  • And much, MUCH more!

Get your copy today (choose between PDF ONLY ($8) or PRINT & PDF ($12)) and you and your friends can jump  right on in on the action and  experience all the fun of navigating the labyrinth while being stalked  by Asterion the Minotaur. Good luck!

ADD-ON #4. AEON Volume 2: "Deeper Into the Labyrinth"

Choose between a PDF ONLY copy ($8) or PRINT & PDF ($12).

For those who got Volume 1 and managed to defeat Asterion the Minotaur and escape from the deadly labyrinth alive. Volume 2 picks up where volume 1 ends…

*IMPORTANT*: While it’s helpful, we designed this adventure specifically so you don’t need to own volume 1 in order to play and enjoy this second issue.

“Deeper Into the Labyrinth” is a level 1 Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible adventure that has you, yes, you guessed it… delving further into the Labyrinth of Minos to confront Daedalus and his minions!

Get ready to put your wits, intellect and strength to the test for Daedalus does NOT like to be disturbed and he has set up suitable traps and encounters to ensure he and his work is not disturbed.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • “Deeper Into the Labyrinth” is a level 1 DCC compatible adventure filled with even more deadly and sneaky tricks, traps, puzzles and monsters for you and your friends to overcome!

  • A deeper delve into the machinations of the mad genius Daedalus and his “raison d’etre”...

  • Judge’s tips and tricks on running the adventure for maximum fun for everyone!

  •  Call upon the Gods themselves to aid you in your quest! Brand new rules on how to Invoke the Olympian Gods allows you to gain the blessings and boons of the Gods themselves. But supplicant BEWARE! The Gods are notoriously fickle and capricious with their displeasure. Not to mention quick to anger… Be sure you make the appropriate sacrifice in their name if you wish to curry their favor and assistance! 

  • Not to be left out of all the fun, there’s also 3 new Wizard Patron Gods! Will you pledge your allegiance and soul to Hecate, Goddess of witchcraft?.. Or is Morpheus, the God of sleep and king of the land of dreams, weaver and manipulator of dreamstuff more up your alley?.. Perhaps you’ll pledge yourself to Nyx, Goddess of the night, a Goddess as old as the creation of the universe itself, as your patron?..

  • Includes unique Spellburn, Corruption and Taint charts for each Wizard Patron god(dess)!..

  • Plus... 9 BRAND NEW, original Patron specific spells for wizards to master…

  • We’ve also included an extensive list of Ancient Greek heroes that can be used as NPC’s in your stories and adventures! Achilles… Ajax the Great... King Agamemnon… Hercules… Odysseus… Jason and Perseus are just a handful of the famous heroes your PC’s can meet! Includes their stats as well as a brief bio and background history to inspire you.

Volume 2 is nearly DOUBLE the content and page count that Volume 1 was clocking in at a whopping 62 pages bursting with great content you won’t want to miss out on!

ADD-ON #5. AEON Volume 3: "Monsters of Myth"

Choose between a PDF ONLY copy ($8) or PRINT & PDF ($12). 

UNLEASH A Veritable Menagerie Of Mythical Monsters to TERRORIZE... TORMENT... and TORTURE Your players!

The Ancient Greeks measured their heroes by their mighty deeds.

And nothing will test your players’ mettle, luck, and their standing  with the Gods, like a battle to the death with an epic monster.

Your players have better rested and healed up ‘cuz they’re gonna need  all their HP, Spells, Abilities and Luck if they want to defeat, let alone live to tell the story of their legendary battles with these  mythical monsters!

Volume 3 brings 36 brand new monsters from myth and legend to your DCC game.

ADD-ON #6. AEON Volume 4: "The Halls of Hades"

Choose between a PDF ONLY copy ($8) or PRINT & PDF ($12). 


AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 4 takes you and your players to the Underworld!

So pack your bag, bring a coin or two for Charon and an extra toga (in case you soil the one you're wearing), 'cuz we're going to the lands ruled by Hades, God of the Underworld.

Once again, we've packed a TON of great gaming content into this volume. Jamming and cramming as much as we could - you're going to love it!

Volume 4 brings you:

  • A map of the Underworld with descriptions of each of the 18 areas. 

  • How to Travel to the Underworld: Discover the 5 ways PC's can enter the Underworld for an epic adventure and tale worthy of being retold by Homer himself - assuming they return to the land of the living that is...

  • What Happens When We Die? This section explains what happens when a person, a monster, a shade or even an Immortal dies. This information is based on actual Ancient Greek history that has been uncovered by archeologists and historians.

  • Denizens of the Underworld: This is a mini-monster manual where you'll meet the Major and Minor Gods & Goddesses along with the many monsters of the Underworld. Hades... Cerberus... Charon... The Jailer of Tartarus... The 3 Judges of the Dead... even Daemons of Cannibalism, Deception, Misery, Blood, Battle and much, MUCH more are included in this issue!

  • A BRAND NEW ADVENTURE! The Halls of Hades: This unique adventure was designed to be played either 1 on 1 (Judge and Player) or with multiple players who have had a PC die. 

    The adventure pits your player(s) against several challenges set by Hades himself. If the player(s) manage to succeed at each challenge, they win their soul(s) back and are returned to the land of the living!

    Of course failure means you're doomed to the pits of Tartarus or elsewhere in the Underworld, a servant, slave or prisoner of Hades for eternity. No stress at all.

  • Introducing the "Hades Challenge Chart" - We wanted you to have lots of re-playability with this adventure so no two players face the same challenges in the same sequence. Simply roll on this chart to determine the challenges the Player will face and begin!

So what are you waiting for? 

The Underworld to freeze over?

Add a copy of Volume 4: The Halls of Hades right now!

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Printed zines are first bagged in a seal-able plastic bag and then packed into a sturdy envelope.

We strongly recommend adding the "Super Shipping Protection" add-on to your pledge if you live outside of the USA, and/or backed for one of the limited edition gold foil zines. 

Pledge With With Confidence Today!

AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 5 - "The Lords of Olympus" is 100% DONE AND READY TO GO to the printers.

That’s right! Just like all of our previous crowdfunding campaigns (5 completed in the last 3 years), once this one ends and funds clear, delivery of your PDF occurs and printing of the zine and your add-ons begins immediately with shipping to you hot on its heels. 

There’s no dilly-dallying here. 

Our goal is to deliver everything to you as fast as possible because (1) we personally hate waiting for our own pledges to arrive and (2), we want you to start playing right away! 

Pledge today with confidence knowing that everything is ready to go and you will be receiving your zine and add-ons ASAP. 

Thank you for taking a look and an even greater thank you for supporting us with a pledge today. 

We appreciate you!

- Christopher Willett (Author) & Harun Bahri (Founder of Sharktopus Games and Publisher of the AEON series) 

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