The project stars the off-kilter exploits of a 30-something woman who has a literal skeleton in her closet; the thing is, no one believes her, and she starts to wonder if she believes herself.
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Skelly follows the off-kilter exploits of a 30-something woman who has a literal skeleton in her closet; the thing is, no one believes her, and she starts to wonder if she believes herself. Skelly, the skeleton owns a bar, and he runs out of her closet. The bar is visited by people who have passed or have passed. Skelly usually tries to rope Sarah into being a bar waitress during his many parties that keep her awake at night; she is constantly tired. 

Sarah still lives at home with her grandma, whom everyone calls, Nana. Sarah is constantly tired and doesn’t have much of a social life. Work. therapy visit.  home. She is the amalgamation of monotony

The world of Skelly is sardonic and intense. Death itself is commonplace

Each episode is presented as a therapist visit and it plays out as Sarah describes her day. As the show progresses, a mystery presents itself, as Sarah is hell-bent on learning who Skelly is and how he died; but in turn, she finds out more about herself than she ever wanted to know or accept. Viewers will want to solve the mystery themselves and be taken on a Beetlejuice-ish journey of craziness.

Skelly is an adult animation that focuses on things not normally talked about, mental health, familial trauma, religion, and relationships. The story is led by a young Black/Jewish woman: something that unfortunately still isn't all that commonly explored in television animation.

What is Indie animation?
“Indie animation,” or independent animation, is a genre of TV shows, movies, and shorts that are created by studios and animators that are not part of a largely recognized animation studio, like Disney or other companies like it.








                                                                 Why Backerkit

As creators who come from all sorts of backgrounds, we feel like it's so important to carve out space for a story like Skelly! We want to tell a story that's For Us By Us. We want to center people of color. 
The world of Skelly has been growing over the past 5 years. It's time for us to make this a new show.

Are you interested in supporting this project? 

                                                      Here's how you can support us:

PLEDGE If you're financially able, we would be so grateful for any monetary contributions you can make by backing this Backerkit Campaign. Backers also get cool rewards and get inside scoops on what's going on with the production.

SHARE  Spreading the word about our project is such a huge part of making our dream a reality! Comment and use #SupportSkelly in your posts, send a link, and share this idea with a friend, your family, or anyone who you think needs to know.  This all counts towards helping us gain momentum and go viral!

All reward prices are in USD.  All prices will be converted once you process your payment. 

First, a note: The shipping disruption caused by the pandemic continues to have follow-on effects. Pricing and delivery schedules remain extremely volatile. We intend to deploy shipping options that minimize risk and expense for both ourselves and our backers. 

All shipping fees will be charged separately, AFTER the campaign, during pledge management. The prices below are estimates. Actual shipping prices will be determined after production is finished and we're gearing up to send out the rewards. Also, if you add-on additional rewards, your shipping cost may increase.

Estimated shipping costs (for a single book):

  • $20 USA
  • $35 UK
  • $40 Canada
  • $50 Australia, NZ, Ireland, Norway

As many of you probably know, animation takes a lot of money. The money raised from this campaign will go towards paying our animation team (Including but not limited to animators, BG artists, producers, etc.), awesome backer rewards, donations to and BEAM, and the legal stuff like taxes and BackerKit processing fees.
As we continue to reach different financial goals, we'll be able to release more features from the project! Take a look at some dope things we have lined up. Let's achieve all of it! The more we make, the more Skelly we can uncover and each goal grants a new stretch reward.  That means the money we make, will go back into Skelly and will let us possibly make our whole season. 


  • Producing an entire season of "Skelly" can be achieved with a budget as low as 210k.
  • The production of the third season of "Skelly" can be successfully completed with a budget of only 110k.
  • The creation and production of the second season of "Skelly" can be achieved with a budget of just 80k.
  • We can host a Skelly viewing party and even attend a film festival with just a budget of 72k.
  • We have the opportunity to enhance the Skelly OST on Spotify by adding a second director link with a budget of 66k.
  • We have the capability to produce and distribute a Skelly DVD, offering fans a tangible and collectible format of the series with a budget of 56k.


Risks and challenges

As many of you know, animation is a hard thing to make but we're all confident this can happen.  Timelines and processes may evolve and shift, but we will bring this to life!!!

Rewards for physical items are projected to be delivered in 2024/2025, but we will make sure to keep you all posted if anything changes!

Thank you again, and I hope you're as pumped as we are about this journey!

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