Teatime Adventures: Tea Pets

Teatime Adventures: Tea Pets

Teatime Adventures is a whimsical, cozy mystery roleplaying game set in the thriving and joyous world of the Verdant Isles, where every adventure comes with a recipe and a tea pairing. Play together or on your own. Now with cuddly Tea Pets!
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Explore a lively world full of delicious baked goods, cozy mysteries, and magical tea pets in this heartwarming tabletop roleplaying game

the three Teatime books, Teatime Adventures: Core Rule Book, Tales from Oakenbend, Tea Pets

Teatime Adventures is a heartwarming, cozy mystery roleplaying game set in the thriving and joyous world of the Verdant Isles, where every adventure comes with a recipe and a tea pairing. Together or on your own, this game lets you explore the wonders, tales, and magic of this land. This new version of the award-nominated Teatime Adventures RPG can be played with friends or solo in a series of one-shots or strung together for a whimsical campaign.

At its heart, Teatime Adventures is about living in harmony with each other. You will find friendly, inclusive folks of all types in this nonviolent game. So set down your sword, and find friends both new and familiar among the Verdant Isles.

Teatime Adventures: Tales from Oakenbend open to the Curious Case of the Hoptop Pie and a pop out of the Strawberry Shortcake recipie

For those of our friends and fans who have visited the Verdant Isles before, this new printing expands on the cozy wonder of Teatime Adventures, with new editions of classic adventures, expanded and improved rules for magic, dozens of whimsical tea pets, and all new ways to play.

The limited edition Wonderful World of Tea Pets box sets are exclusive to the campaign and will not be sold online ever again. Containing: All four books, Harmony Magic dice set, "Venti-sized" extra large Tea-infused D20, GM Screen, Three 11x14" maps.

Upgrade to the Tea Party set to bring home custom tea, tea pet stickers, and a Rose Possum plush!
Why back Teatime Adventures

An Experience for the Whole Table
Teatime Adventures reinvents game night by pairing tea blends, recipes, crafts, and more with each adventure. Goodbye dungeon crawls, and hello cozy evenings around the table together! Whether you back for yourself or as a gift for a friend who loves tea, baking, and cozy mysteries, every adventure will prove to be a memorable evening for your table.

Cozy Companion open on a table surrounded by a tea setting

Exclusive Access
Both the books and box set from the first edition of Teatime Adventures sold out quickly and are now out of print. Backing this project helps bring those stories (and tea!) back to life along with new content, magic, and refinements. Guarantee that you can bring home these lovingly created books before they are gone as well! The Wonderful World of Tea Pets box sets are also exclusive to this campaign and will not be sold online again.

Gus the cat peering over the Teatime Adventures GM screen

Audaciously Welcoming
Teatime Adventures made waves with its audaciously welcome and inclusive world featuring thoughtful representation of LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, and disabled individuals written and illustrated by a team of LGBTQ+, neurodiverse, and disabled individuals. Help us continue to tell stories not heard elsewhere!

Original Holly and Daffodil art surrounded by watercolors, wheat and tea

Lush Art
Immerse yourself in the beauty and magic of the Verdant Isles. Full page illustrations, hand painted and inked art, and fantastical worlds and individuals brought to life by Snowbright Studio's award-winning art team.

the outline for Game Night in Oakenbend original art

Simple to Learn & Play, With Great Roleplaying Depth
New players rejoice, this friendly D20-based system is quicker to learn and play than Dungeons & Dragons and other such games. Read through the adventures as if they were cozy short stories and bring them straight to your table in no time. Ready to move deeper? New rules for leveling and magic allow for greater complexity when you are ready for them. Either way, these mysteries are certain to mystify as you collaborate with the gentle townsfolk across the Isles.

residents of Oakenbend gather in the greenhouse with sick Star's Light plants

Unique Worlds & Stories
The world of the Verdant Isles is rich in history and lore. Explore across the Isles or dive deep into individual towns. Each new character you meet comes with information about who they are, where they come from, and what motivates them. Weave together their stories to create memorable tales for your table.

Game night in Oakenbend art, resresidents gather at a table for board games and tea

Wondrous Tea & Food
Back at the Tea Party level to bring home four teas custom blended to go along with each adventure. Blends are designed and hand packed by our partner, Friday Afternoon Tea. Then try out two brand new blends to go along with your new tea pets! Don’t forget to try out the recipes included in the books. Each one is themed along with the adventures and content inside.

A game night tea setting with Lemon Sass-ame cake
What's inside

Book one Teatime Adventures Core Rulebook second edition

Helpful for both players and GMs alike, the Teatime Adventures Core Rulebook includes everything that you need to play the game, including a guide to the history and magic of this thriving land from the glass towers of the City of Bells to the marshes of Starsong and everywhere in between. This 150+ page book will also include a new introductory solo adventure to get your journey started in the Verdant Isles.

Returning players will find a variety of new content including new locations, lore, spells, and more as well as an all new D6 Harmony magic system and updated advancement mechanics for more experienced players.

Book two Teatime Adventures Tales from Oakenbend

Have you met the gentlefolk of Oakenbend? This 200+ page collection of adventures and cozy mysteries set in Oakenbend includes 35+ characters to meet and 25+ detailed, mapped locations that can be visited over the course of 4 adventures. Play these adventures as one-shots or tie them into a heartwarming campaign.

Returning players will delight in meeting new characters in town, learning more about the history of Oakenbend, finding new hidden features on the Oakenbend maps, and of course seeing new mischievous tea pets sprinkled throughout the village!

Book 3 Teatime Adventures Tea Pets

Live the cozy life in this all-new way to play Teatime Adventures. Tend to your tea pets, rehabilitate wildlife, and design playful habitats! With a gentle spirit and some luck, you’ll be able to build your very own “tea pet sanctuary”. Play solo or collaboratively as you discover 20+ mischievous tea pets, new Kitchen Magic and Harmony Magic spells, and printable maps within. Oh, and in true Teatime style, you’ll also discover new pet-friendly recipes and bakes for sharing with your furry, feathered, and scaly friends.

Tea Pets is inspired partially by cozy farming games such as Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon along with Avery Alder's The Quiet Year and the broader mapmaking RPG community that has developed over the past decade. Tea Pets provides a new way to connect at the table as you build out your Teatime Adventures world, either playing Tea Pets as a prologue to a traditional Teatime Adventures campaign or weaving it in between seasons as you journey through the world.

Book four Teatime Adventures Tea Pets Player's Pack

The Player's Pack craft book is a  wonderful, colorable, cuttable, rippable player companion craft book for use with Teatime Adventures and Tea Pets. You will love destroying this book as you cut crafts, snip Verdant Isles holiday decorations, design bookmarks, and color and name your new best friend pets and plants in the Verdant Isles. Customizable pet tags can be cut out as well so that you can keep track of all of your adopted tea pets!

GMs can share this book around the table while you play or have each player take home a Player's Pack so that they can do activities in between sessions!

Box Sets, Wonderful World of Tea Pets and Tea Party Set

This campaign is offering three different special box sets that will be produced in very limited quantities: the Wonderful World of Tea Pets set, the Tea Party set, and the Snowbright Star set. These sets are exclusive to this campaign and will not be sold online again.

The Wonderful World of Tea Pets box set lets you take home all four new Teatime Adventures books in a wonderfully whimsical box, a new hand-painted 6D6 Astra Harmony Magic dice set for use in the new magic system, a brand new "venti-sized" extra large tea-infused D20 with real tea leaves inside, an updated heavyweight Teatime Adventures GM screen, an 11" x 14" map of the Verdant Isles, two double-sided 11" x 14" maps of the village of Oakenbend showing the village in all four seasons, and your name in the Teatime Adventures Core Rulebook with our special thanks.

The new "venti-sized" d20 is about 75% larger than a normal d20

The Tea Party Set includes the Wonderful World of Tea Pets box set along with six different premium custom blends of tea made special for this edition, exceedingly cute stickers of your favorite tea pets, and an adorable, huggable Rose Possum plush to join you on your journey! Each blend of tea is custom made to pair with adventures and themes in Teatime Adventures by our partners at Friday Afternoon Tea.

Four bags of Friday Afternoon tea, Star's Light, Harvest Fire, Yonder Fog and Crystal Garden

Cozy Companion, A cozy games and fiction magazine

Continue your Teatime Adventures every other month with Cozy Companion magazine by Snowbright Studio. Cozy Companion is the world’s only cozy gaming magazine. Dedicated to all things wondrous, you will receive 6 beautiful, perfect bound issues delivered directly to you throughout the year.  Every issue includes board game reviews written by cats, recipes inspired by board game cafes, interviews with game designers and artists, cozy fiction, and a roleplaying adventure that you can play right at home.

This is where you will find more Teatime Adventures lore, fiction, recipes, and more - sent to you all year long!

Find adventures, lore, short stories, recipes, crafts, activities, reviews, interviews, and more in Cozy Companion
A finfolk sailor swings on a rope with a Tide Sheep under their arm
A reminder to please protect your tide sheep from friendly (yet misguided) pirates.
Tea Blends

We are happy to once again be partnering with Friday Afternoon Tea, an independent, family owned, geeky themed tea company for our six custom blended Teatime Adventures teas.    Owner Friday Elliot’s unique take on blending stems from her experiences with a form of Synesthesia that allows her to perceive abstract concepts as flavor profiles. Her work in capturing the whimsy of the Verdant Isles and translating it into a cup is not to be missed!

a close up picture of the Star"s Light lose leaf tea

Each Tea Party Set includes the four original Teatime Adventures blends (Harvest Fire, Star’s Light, Yonder Fog, and Crystal Garden) each of which pairs with one of the adventures in the Tales from Oakenbend as well as two brand new blends made special for this campaign.

The Rains of Starsong which captures the magical astronomy of the Asteri who live in elevated treetop homes among the mangroves of the Southern Salt, the ancestral home of the Snootlings.

Greenbranch Festival which celebrates the many ribbon and flag-bedecked festivals that take place in Greenbranch, including the annual Hoptop courier competition that is featured in our Verdant Isles board game, Harvest Hoppers.

Amber colored tea in a clear tea cup

Sea ot played

Curious what it's like to play a cozy, nonviolent tabletop roleplaying game? Settle in and watch some wonderfully pleasant sessions from other fans! Or check out this free quick reference to the cultures and holidays of the Verdant Isles.


See it baked

Hop into the kitchen to see some of the wonderful bakes our fans have made!


Note: Images shown are prototypes. Final designs may vary.

$15 - Teatime Adventures PDF  Get a PDF copy of any one Teatime Adventures Book Increase your pledge by $15 for each additional PDF copy Select your specific PDF titles in the pledge manager after the campaign

$25 - The Teatime Adventures: 2nd Edition Core Rulebook includes: All the rules, lore, and recipes that you need to begin your cozy mystery adventures. 150+ pages of cozy content and whimsical illustrations. 7 Ancestries and 5 Astra alignments for character creation. Introductory solo adventure to begin your journeys in the Isles. A brand new, D6 dice rolling Harmony magic system to streamline gameplay. New leveling mechanics to increase your characters’ coziness and wholesome magic
$25 - The Teatime Adventures: Tales from Oakenbend campaign book includes: 200+ pages of cozy adventures that you can bring to your table or read on your own. 4 complete adventures and recipes set in the cozy village of Oakenbend. 35+ characters to meet and 25+ locations to visit in Oakenbend. New tea pets, characters, lore, and locations to explore New Autumn and Spring maps of the village

$25 - The Teatime Adventures: Tea Pets book includes: A completely new way to play Teatime Adventures, with or without the core rulebook Rescue injured tea pets and collaboratively build/draw a sanctuary where they can live and grow until they are strong enough to return to the wild. 20+ new friendly but mischievous tea pets to befriend and care for. 4 printable tea pet Habitat Maps to help you build your own tea pet sanctuary. New Kitchen Magic and Harmony spells. New recipes for people and pets alike!

$25 - The Player’s Pack craft book includes: A wonderful, colorable, cuttable, rippable player companion craft book for use with Teatime Adventures and Tea Pets. 15+ Habitat Maps to build sanctuaries for your pets, rearrange them to grow your sanctuary! Coloring pages featuring wonderful tea pets and scenes from across the Verdant Isles. Cuttable crafts, decorations, bookmarks, and more Pet tags to cut out, design, and decorate for each of your precious tea pets!

$150 - The Wonderful World of Tea Pets Box Set includes: Teatime Adventures, Core Rulebook 2E (hardcover + PDF) Teatime Adventures: Tales from Oakenbend (hardcover + PDF) Teatime Adventures: Tea Pets (hardcover + PDF). Tea Pets Player’s Pack craft book (craft book + PDF). The brand new official hand-painted Harmony Magic dice set, with each side featuring one of the Astra.  Extra large tea-infused D20 with black tea leaves inside (33mm).  New heavyweight Teatime Adventures GM screen.  11” x 14” map of the Verdant Isles. 11” x 14” double-sided map of Oakenbend (Summer/Winter). 11” x 14” double-sided map of Oakenbend (Autumn/Spring). Wonderful World of Tea Pets box to display your collection in* Your name in the Teatime Adventures, Core Rulebook credits as a thank you! (Optional)

$250 - Tea Party Set (The Wonderful World of Tea Pets Box Set + Tea) Everything from the Wonderful World of Tea Pets Box Set. 4 Oakenbend tea blends: Harvest Fire, Star’s Light, Yonder Fog, and Crystal Garden.  2 new custom blends: Greenbranch Festival and Rains of Starsong.  An adorable Rose Possum tea pet plush to join you on your journeys!  Stickers of your favorite tea pets!

$500 - Snowbright Star Set, Everything from the Tea Party Set, Limited edition, hand signed collector’s Art & Lore of the Verdant Isles book featuring sketches, notes, and designs from the creation of Teatime Adventures, Cozy Companion, Harvest Hoppers, and Tea Pets. This book will only be sold through this tier and will not be available for sale online or in-person.Tea-infused RPG Dice. Set A print copy of every back issue of Cozy Companion magazine (Vols 1-4), including the Time Tails mini-RPG in Volume 2. A copy of every other core Snowbright game that we have released to date (Harvest Hoppers, ink Core Rulebook, Time Tails [Digital, Steam Key], Banana Bees PNP). A Print+PDF subscription to Cozy Companion magazine for you or a friend

$10,000 Glitter Raccoon added

Welcome to the Isles, Glitter Raccoon!

These sly denizens of the Verdant Isles fancy themselves to be the ultimate thieves and can often be found encroaching on pantries, pastry trucks, and the like. Of course, you'll always know exactly who stole your scones by the cloud of glitter they leave behind. Follow a glitter trail back into the forest, and you're also certain to discover a happy, snoozing Glitter Raccoon and the crumbs of whatever you recently baked.

$15,000 Accordion Cat added

Beloved across all of the isles, Accordion Cats are known for their jovial attitude and the distinctive sound of their approach. Their unique, slinky-like waddle and jingling saunter have inspired many a musician to adopt them as pets and have given the species the nickname of "the little muse".

Of course, many Accordion Cats struggle to hunt prey in the wild, which is why they have evolved to a more omnivorous diet. They can often be found eating berries, covered snoot to chin in berry juice and covered back to tail in burs. They do retain a predator's sharp claws, though, as many a musician has ALSO discovered. Accordion Cats particularly dislike off key notes, so while "the little muse inspires" the "little critic also punishes" as the saying goes.

$20,000 Pickle Snake added

The common Pickle Snake is harmless, but does cause quite a bit of mischief. Their eggs resemble pickles, hence the name, and more than a few poor gardeners have bent down to pick one up only to discover a tiny snake in their basket by the time they bring the egg home. This is the origin of the colloquial saying: "Let pickles lie where they're found." meaning that a simple - but not well thought out - choice can often lead to difficulties later on down the road.

Usage 1 (literal): Good heavens, Margaret, were you picking pickles? I found a snake in the kitchen!
Usage 2 (figurative): I wouldn't get involved in that argument. Let pickles lie where they're found.

Platypus Hedgehog Added

The Grand Platypus Hedgehog is both marveled and feared due to its tremendous size. Although its hoglets are only about the size of a cat, the adults can grow as tall as 30 to 40 feet. They use their height to graze on fruit trees and root deep into the bottom of lakes filtering mud for aquatic creatures to snack on. They are most common in the lakes across central Umberleap near the Boggy Downs, though some have been spotted splashing as far west as Augur's Bay. They are considered good luck to spot when boating, but certainly they are quite bad luck to spot in your apple orchards.

$30,000 Saltwater Star Gecko added

Welcome to the Isles, Saltwater Star Gecko!
The Saltwater Star Gecko can be most easily identified from the star shaped pattern that so often appears on its head. Unlike true geckos, the Star Gecko is an aquatic amphibious creature, closer in nature to axolotls than reptiles. These friendly and curious creatures can grow to about 12 inches in length and are often found playing in waters near the many islands in the Southern Salt. They thoroughly enjoy the many storms that pass through this area, often leaping up above the waterline in anticipation. This makes them helpful to storm forecasters and has earned them a spot in fancy saltwater tanks aboard many ships that travel stormy seas.

$35,000 Potato Dog added

For many years, the humble potato dog was primarily seen as a bit of a pest to farmers. Their keen noses, often stuffed into the dirt, can be used to hunt a variety of tubers and their small but wide paws allow them to quickly burrow in the ground to root them out. This can cause endless consternation to farmers looking to raise potatoes, yams, and other types of produce as they seek to protect them from the inquiring paws of wild potato dogs. But more recently, domesticated potato dogs have become widely sought after due to their adorably potato-shaped figure and joyful demeanor. They adore snuggling up with their owners and frequently "bury" themselves in blankets. They love sweating by fireplaces under numerous blankets. Some owners even claim that they give off a faint "baked potato-like" smell when fully warmed up. Whatever some might think of wild potato dogs, it's clear that the domesticated variety is here to stay. They can often be spotted in high society, from the palace in Lushleaf all the way to the concert halls of Honey Rose.

$40,000 Ribboned Weaver Bird added

Weaver birds are best known for constructing elaborate nests tied up by them in knots. The Ribboned Weaver Bird is an offshoot of this bird best known to the people of Honey Rose. Every year during the Binding of the Deerkin, when friendly towngoers head outside to beribbon everything from the benches to the lamp posts, you can be sure that some Ribboned Weaver Birds will be anxiously waiting nearby as well to snitch those ribbons and tie them into their nests. More than one humble shopowner has hopped or stomped out of their storefront to try and rescue a silken ribbon snatched just before the holiday.

$45,000 Teacup Spider added

Small, furry, and very jumpy, teacup spiders are a harmless but sometimes quite surprising addition to cupboards across the Verdant Isles. They prefer to make small funnel nests in teacups and, as they construct them, begin to take on the visual characteristics of the teacup they nest in. Such elaborate designs can be quite beautiful to behold. Some in the Isles even keep a glass cupboard full of the spiders and teacups of different designs in a Teacup Spider Menagerie.

At $50,000, a field guide poster and a Friendly Gaint Tea Pet will be added

Have you heard the tales? As the trawlers come back across Oyster Bay, they say the night sky had flipped upside down. Beneath their ship: a field of stars for hundreds of feet in every direction. The Finfolk of Oyster Bay know the secret behind the rumors. They also know to keep their distance from that celestial sight. It signals a bloom of Constellation Jellyfish! Each jellyfish is 100 to 150 feet long and puts on a dazzling bioluminescent light show at night. Their tentacles trail behind them, delivering a painful sting to anyone reckless enough to jump into the water during such miraculous displays. Witnessing a Constellation Jellyfish bloom is considered one of the great wonders of the Verdant Isles.

At $55,000, Sugar Pangolin Added

Armored like standard pangolins, this creature has evolved the ability to grow thin strands of hair around the edges of its scales. The hairs look almost like spun sugar (giving the animal its name), which tangles up into a puff ball that can then be sheared for cloth. Farmers sometimes attempt to raise herds of Sugar Pangolins for shearing, although their solitary nature makes them a poor fit for this type of husbandry. Sugar Pangolins are quite ornery as well, so they tend to make poor house pets. Nevertheless, quite a few children across the Isles have stuffed plushes of Sugar Pangolins due to their adorable, fluffy characteristics. It's unknown what evolutionary benefit caused the Sugar Pangolin to deviate from its non-sugared cousins. Some say it was to keep them warmer in the winter, others say it is showcase their health and vitality, and still others say it is to dissuade the Gnarly Treeswooper from trying to snack on the Sugar Pangolins... for they are known to hate eating fuzzy things. Research is ongoing at the Amberhaven Academy.

At $60,000, Miniature Tiger Added

This domesticated cat descended from a fierce lineage of Amberhaven tigers which typically grow to six to seven feet in length. These miniature tigers, however, grow only to 12 to 24 inches. They come in a variety of colored stripes, having lost their evolutionary need for camouflage long ago. Despite their often quite comfy lives poking around farms and in the alleys behind restaurants, they still retain many of the hunting tendencies of their ancestors. They enjoy pouncing on dust bunnies whenever they spot them, and flower dragons know very well to keep their distance. Tea pet caretakers also know not to delay a Miniature Tiger's dinner by too long unless they would like to feel miniature claws coming into contact with their ankles.

At $65,000, Pumpkin Tortoise Added

Much beloved during Evenfall and other autumn holidays, the Pumpkin Tortoise is best known for its Astra-infused illuminations. These gentle creatures tend to grow to about two feet in length, and their knobby shells provide a subtle, flickering glow at night. Depending on the age and size of the tortoise, this effect most resembles the carved turnips, gourds, or pumpkins that many children and adults throughout the Isle carve each Evenfall. It is said in northern Alpengreen that spotting a Pumpkin Tortoise on Evenfall can actually indicate a mild winter between Evenfall and the Feast of Flourish in March.

At $75,000, Pocket Otters & Sun Clams Added

At $80,000, Chaos Chinchilla Added
Add Ons

A teacup filled with tea leaves and floral dice
Enjoy your tea and roll with it too! These stunning tea-infused dice are made with pink tea flowers and real tea leaves. This set of 7 polyhedral dice can be used in many popular tabletop RPGs including Teatime Adventures.

The Verdant Isles and Oakenbend maps on a table with dice, a teapot, quill and flowers
See the world in vivid detail in these 11" x 14" maps featuring the Verdant Isles world and two double-sided maps showing Oakenbend throughout all four seasons.

Three volumes of Cozy Companion on a table

Continue your Teatime Adventures every other month with Cozy Companion magazine by Snowbright Studio. Cozy Companion is the world’s only cozy gaming magazine. Dedicated to all things wondrous, you will receive 6 beautiful, perfect bound issues delivered directly to you throughout the year.  Every issue includes board game reviews written by cats, recipes inspired by board game cafes, interviews with game designers and artists, cozy fiction, and a roleplaying adventure that you can play right at home.
Harvest Hoppers

Harvest Hoppers game board, standees and tokens all set up for gameplay

Harvest Hoppers is Snowbright Studio’s new “cute but cutthroat” vegetable delivery board game set in the Verdant Isles, delivering heartwarming fun for 2 to 6 players over 30 to 60 minutes. This strategy game with area control components comes with dozens of produce tokens, uniquely configured neighborhood maps, and a heapin’ handful of adorable Hoptop bicycle delivery antics.

A copy of ink on. a table surrounded by coffee beans, stickers dice and a black quill

If you also enjoy a strong cup of coffee, then maybe you would also like to battle through the adorably spooky spirit world of ink. Ink is a roguelite souls-like tabletop RPG where you play as the ghosts of dead characters from prior campaigns who are trying to battle their way out of the spirit world. This coffee-fueled game includes rules for procedurally generated campaigns, nautical combat, and a bevy of friendly "Boorista" ghosts along the way to sell you invigorating, caffeinated magical elixirs.

Meet the Team

Photos of the Tea Pets Team. Grace Collins (they/them)Snowbright CEO/Writer, favorite tea: Chai. Carrie Linden (she/they) Communications Manager, favorite tea: Silver leaf jasmine. Quill Kolat (they/them) Creative Manager, favorite tea: Lapsoung souchong. Bria Lancaster (she/her) Artist/Graphic Designer, favorite tea: Peach. Danielle Anderson (she/her) Developer, favorite tea: jasmine green tea. Kat Prohaszka (she/her) Project Manager, favorite tea: chai. Fern Haught (they/them) cartographer, favorite tea: lavender. Gerralt Landman (he/him) cartographer. Amber Seger (any pronouns) layout designer, favorite tea: early grey. Madeline Ames (she/they) illustrator, favorite tea: lavender earl grey with cream. Caitlin Feeley (she/her) writer. Lex Yu (they/them) writer, favorite tea: chrysanthemum. Kristina G.R. Sisto (any pronouns) writer, favorite tea: black sesame boba



As a company, Snowbright is committed to being a leader on ecological issues in tabletop games. When you back a Snowbright game, you can be certain that we have tried to design, source, and manufacture that game as green and as ethically as we can while also still maintaining the high quality that you expect of our games. This raises the cost of manufacturing on some of our components, but it's an important step for the game industry to take toward reducing our impact on the environment.

All of the printed components of Teatime Adventures will be printed using FSC-certified materials. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly maintained forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. As a company, we also strive to use as little plastic as possible throughout our operations.

Beyond Teatime Adventures, Snowbright actively works with climate scientists, educators, and nonprofits to promote climate change education. By the end of 2023, we will have donated over $1,000 from game sales to climate change research organizations and are advocates for a greener, more sustainable future.

Additional Ethical Commitments:

Commitment to Humanity in Art

As a creative studio, Snowbright believes in creating games designed, illustrated, and written by adequately compensated humans. We do not use generative AI tools to replace human work in any of our products or general operations.

Commitment to Compensation
As a company, Snowbright believes in a fair wage. We never host unpaid internships or any other form of free labor. No Snowbright staff or convention booth workers are paid below $15/hour.


Due to the shifting prices of global shipping, shipping costs will be calculated and charged after the BackerKit campaign is over via the Pledge Manager, NOT during the campaign itself. The chart below is an estimation of shipping costs that will be charged for each pledge level. These estimates do not include any additional copies or add-ons and are subject to change.
US single book $10, Tea Pets Box $20. Canada Single book $18, Tea Pets Box $30. UK single book $15, Tea Pets box $30. Europe single book $25, Tea Pets Box $75. Australia and New Zealand single book $25, Tea Pets Box $65. Additional shipping costs for add-ons. Tea Party and Snowbrgiht Star Set shipping prices to be determined based on the final size of plush

Important information about international shipping: 
  • Most shipments will be sent from the United States.
  • For most shipments, taxes/VAT will be collected in the pledge manager.
  • Canadian, UK, EU, AUS, and NZ shipments will be sent duties prepaid and should arrive directly at your door without additional carrier fees due on arrival.
  • If you are in Australia or New Zealand and plan on backing for items costing over $900 AUD/NZ, please contact us before backing for an accurate shipping estimate.
  • If you are an international retailer/wholesaler looking to carry cases of our product in your country, please contact our retail team directly at [email protected] for a bulk shipping estimate. All retailers must provide a resale certificate (or comparable) specific to your country.
  • If you have any other specific questions about estimated shipping costs, please email us directly at [email protected].


2023 September Campaign period. 2024 February Tea Pets goes to printer, May printing complete, June shipping to distribution, August fulfillment begins, October retail release

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