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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Timeline updates on fulfillment are here!

Howdy, everybody!

We hope your November has been treating we well, but we know it would be treating you better if you'd already received your pledges! While the games arrived on time and as planned, the Centennial Edition books haven't followed suit; the printing process has taken longer than planned, but we have finally been given a ship date from our printers, so the books have finally made it to the front of their printing queue!

Those books are set to arrive to our warehouse the first full week of December, and we'll be shipping things out as soon as we receive them. Getting these pledges to people before the holiday season is in full swing is incredibly important to us, and while printing delays aren't something we can control, we can control how quickly we turn those packages around, and that's exactly what we're gonna do: move 'em, move 'em, move 'em out the door.

Your support for this project has meant the world to us, and while we wish this project had been able to evade any delays, we are eager to send these goodies your way and finally share what we put so much work into creating. Thank you for your patience!

Best wishes from the Winchester Comic Team!




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