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11 months ago

Project Update: Good news, bad news, and some holiday delays

Good afternoon to our spooky supporters!

We've discussed it in the comments and in some email replies with those of you keeping in closer touch, but it's time to get all of you updated on what's been happening over at Source Point!

The books arrived last week later than expected, and the moment we opened those boxes up to start packing, we were delighted. The gold foiling on the comics looks so good, and we're deeply proud of the book we get to send your way. Good news: all that hard work resulted in one stunning little creation.

Here's the bad news, though. We opened up a copy and noticed something. Then we opened another copy, and another copy, and another copy, and found an issue throughout the entire print run: our printer somehow managed to print the book out of order, with a huge chunk of pages from one issue inserted right into the center of another. 

The printer has apologized profusely for the mistake and is reprinting, pushing us to the front of the queue. We've been told to expect the replacement print run this week in expedited fashion, and our warehouse is sitting at the ready, prepared to pack things up as soon as the new and proper copies arrive.

We're so sorry for this delay; manufacturing issues happen, but this is definitely the largest and most unfortunately-timed issue we've come across. Your patience means the world, but we understand everyone's frustration, as we're frustrated too. We wanted these comics and games into your hands long ago, and we're still determined to get them out as swiftly as we can once the replacement copies hit!




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