The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow for Liminal Horror

The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow for Liminal Horror

The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow is a sandbox investigation for Liminal Horror.
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The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow is the first hardback adventure module for Liminal Horror. Something strange is happening in Hungry Hollow, seemingly centered around the upcoming birth of its newest resident. Dive into the town, make acquaintance with its inhabitants, and unravel the horrid truth that lies buzzing just beneath the surface.

The players take on the role of Investigators attempting to figure out what has been going on in Hungry Hollow (people have gone missing, some return changed, and rumors of dangerous Resonant Artifacts in the area). Brea, a former Investigator, had recently moved back to her home town of Hungry Hollow but all communication from her has ceased.

The module starts with a large part of the town’s population having secretly been implanted with parasitic flesh bees. Those not given the gift of the bee are concerned with the changes happening throughout town. People have gone missing unexpectedly, some have come back different, and all the animals in the area are long gone. All the while, Brea and her “followers” are preparing for a community-wide baby shower to usher in the birth of Trigona, God-Queen of the Flesh Hive.


You like to travel light. You'll get a copy of "The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow" and "Liminal Horror: Investigators" as PDFs.
  • The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow (PDF) 
  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (PDF)

 You're always in the know. You'll get a copy of "The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow" in print and PDF and "Liminal Horror: Investigators" as a PDF. 
  • The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow (Print + PDF) 
  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (PDF)

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You're prepared for anything. You'll get a copy of "The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow" and "Liminal Horror: Investigators" in print and PDF. 
  • The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow (Print + PDF) 
  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (Print + PDF)

Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.

You want to give your players something to fear.  You'll get a copy of "The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow", "Liminal Horror: Investigators" and "The Bloom" in print and PDF. 
  • The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow (Print + PDF) 
  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (Print + PDF)
  • The Bloom (Print + PDF)

Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.

You want to be the life of the party.  You'll get a copy of "The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow" in print and PDF, four copies of "Liminal Horror: Investigators" in print and PDF, and a copy of "The Bloom" in Print and PDF. 
  • The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow (Print + PDF) 
  • Liminal Horror: Investigators (4x Print + PDF)
  • The Bloom (Print + PDF)

Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.


We add a ribbon to the book.
Every print tier backer gets four printed Hungry Hollow character sheet bookmarks. 
Every print tier backer gets an additional copy of the Investigators Edition included. 
All backers get a digital module bundle included with purchase, which includes PDFs of all official modules: The Bloom, The Mall, The Bureau, and One Night at the Shelterwood Inn.
All print tier backers receive a printed map of Hungry Hollow that folds down to 6" x 9".

Liminal Horror is a rules-lite, adaptable modern horror roleplaying game about normal characters and their struggles against the things that go bump in the night. The game focuses on investigation, blending simple, old-school inspired rules with modern, narrative first principles, where survival is not guaranteed and those that do survive are often forever changed. It is a rules-lite, fail forward system that leverages creative problem solving in order to create memorable experiences at the table. Players act as 'investigators' navigating a modern world full of terrible and unknowable horrors.

Since its release in 2021, it has sold over 1000 physical copies and been downloaded digitally over 100k times. Hungry Hollow will be the 5th official module for the LH line. It has been translated into multiple languages (Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French) and has a robust third party community (over 120 items created including 53 adventures and 22 items in print).

The current physical edition is Liminal Horror: Investigators. This uncoated zine is perfect for players at the table and has all the tools for a Facilitator to run the adventure. 

The core rules can be accessed a few different ways:


The Liminal Horror Twisted Classics line are ground up reimagining of classic adventures. Instead of direct conversions, we take inspiration from the core elements of these older adventures and add a variety of twists to give them a unique flavor and bring them into the era of modern horror. The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow presents a new take on Against the Cult of the Reptile God. Thank you to Douglas Niles and team for the inspiration. The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow will be a 6"x9" hardcover book with a color cover and black & white interiors.
  • Includes multiple formats for play (with 3 different one-shot options and 3 custom starting scenarios that include party building questions).
  • 8 custom archetypes for players to use when creating their Investigator.
  • 6 Investigation Kit Loadouts for the party (extermination, artillery, heavy duty, reconnaissance, containment, espionage)
  • 3 easy to use premade associates (additional party members).
  • 56 keyed locations throughout town (4 of these are larger mapped "dungeon" locations).
  • 89 total NPCs. 28 Citizens (non-implanted) and 31 Apiarists (implanted) tied to a location. There are an additional 30 townsfolk provided in the Appendix NPC table (15 Citizens and 15 Apiarists)
  • New Monsters. 1 multiphase boss (Brea and the growing God-Queen) and four “followers” (Apiarists, Parasite Bee, Husk, Swarm)
  • A custom kidnapping procedure the Apiarists use each night to grow their ranks.
  • Four factions throughout the town trying to forward their plans or learn about what is going on.
  • A custom Doom clock aligned to a Friday-Tuesday escalation of events (culminating in a baby shower for Brea and the God-Queen)
  • Voidcrawl Encounter Procedure with six sub tables with 10 entries each (Nothing Happens, Day Encounter, Bees, Clue, Setback, Night Encounter)
  • Appendix Consequences: 9 scenarios that posit what will happen in the short term and long term if they occur. 
  • Appendix Resonant Artifacts: There are 7 new Resonant Artifacts (magic items) provided.
  • Appendix Fallouts: 7 module specific fallouts to go along with the Legacy Fallouts provided in Liminal Horror.
  • Appendix The Archivist (patron): a custom patron to align with some of the scenario framings.
  • Appendix Residents and Tourists: 30 additional NPCs, divided between Citizens and Apiarists.
  • Appendix  Talk of the Town: 50 pieces of gossip, rumors, and what people are talking about in town.
  • Appendix Random Search: 50 items that can be rolled searching while investigating.
  • Appendix NPC Quick Reference: A quick summary of name, occupation, location for all module NPCs divided by citizen and apiarist.
  • Appendix Location Quick Reference: All 56 locations with name, page, one sentence summary, any NPCs located there.
  • Reference page:  A page assembling the different tables for ease of Facilitator reference (stats, kidnapping table, voidcrawl table, NPC reaction tables, Doom Clock.
    A look inside the book

  • N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God (1982) - Douglas Niles
  • Silent Hill 1 (1999) - Keiichiro Toyama
  • Silent Hill 3 (2003) - Kazuhide Nakazawa & Hiroyuki Owaku
  • Parasite Eve (1998) - Takashi Tokita
  • In the Mouth of Madness (1995) - John Carpenter
  • ALIENS (1986) - James Cameron 
  • Peacemaker (2022 - ; ) - James Gunn
  • Messiah of Evil (1974) - Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz
  • Midnight Mass (2021) - Mike Flanagan 
  • The Fog (1980) - John Carpenter & Debra Hill
  • Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow (2023) - Joseph R. Lewis & The Merry Mushmen
The initial text, illustrations, and playtesting for The Parthenogenesis of Hungry Hollow is completed. All that is left is integrating final edits, layout, and hyperlinking text. Making books always comes with its fair share of surprises, so we are working to make sure that our projected timeline gives room for anything that pops up.

  • June-July 2024: The crowdfunding campaign.
  • July 2024: PDF of the adventure is sent to backers.
  • July 2024: Final files are proofed and sent to printers.
  • October-December 2024: Physical fulfillment of back rewards begins.

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"Liminal Horror, despite its vicious cover and its promises of death, is an inviting game that promises you something and then delivers." 
– Snow (writer of .dungeon, Songbirds, The Sun King's Palace) in Liminal Horror Is Solid

"[Liminal Horror is] a system designed to stand out when it is interesting, to provide a tried-and-true framework for the usual moments of risk and uncertainty, and then to fade into the background for everything else. Add Goblin Archive’s commitment to providing ample (and often free or easily accessible) expanded rules, guidance, adventures, and more to that mix, and Liminal Horror is a game that it easy to get into and easy to stick with over time." 
– Christian Sorrell (of Meatcastle Gameware) in TTRPG Review: Liminal Horror
"Liminal Horror is the complete package: It is short, it is simple, and while it empowers players to make decisions and think things through, that engagement is directed at the world of the game rather than the rules or their character sheets."  
– Moreau Vazh (of Taskerland) in REVIEW: Liminal Horror

"I had an incredible time with Hungry Hollow. It’s like playing an especially atmospheric and moody regional horror film! Wonderful suspense and intuitive gameplay that eventually explodes into gruesome body horror!”
– Trevor Henderson, author of Scarewaves.

"Hungry Hollow was a blast to play. Every character and location dripped with unsettling intrigue and opportunity and I always left the table excited about what might lie around the corner the next time our group got together... Buzz Buzz." 
 – Adam Szym, creator of Little Visitor & Other Abductions.

"I went to check out what all the buzz around Hungry Hollow was about and all I got was tossed in the back of a pickup truck and [redacted]." 
– Zach Hazard Vaupen, art director for Liminal Horror Deluxe Edition and designer of The Chair.

"Hungry Hollow creates an incredible atmosphere of unease in an at once familiar rural environment. What is the rot that festers in the heart of community? Modern folk horror at its finest." 
– Logan Dean, head designer of The Company and Metroskate Bloodbath

"Whatever you think may be happening in Hungry' much worse. Another stomach-churning dive into the twisted minds of Goblin Archives and Josh Domanski." 
– Tyler Welch, writer of Iron Gods and Most Muscular Miniatures.

This module contains elements of Body Horror, Monstrous and Traumatic Pregnancy, Trypophobia Triggers, Cannibalism, Graphic Violence, Kidnapping, Imprisonment, Implied Harm to Animals, Loss of Autonomy, Mind Control, Cults and Religion. The primary themes are Birth, Fertility, Transformation. 
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project