Orb Roc | dynamic mechanical marble display kit you build yourself

Orb Roc | dynamic mechanical marble display kit you build yourself

Orb Roc includes a variable speed motor driven gear which rotates eccentric roller cams to rock the (12) cradles and cause the marbles to roll in various wave patterns. This hands-on experience is rewarding and promotes STEM-related thinking for all ages
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The Orb Roc design is unique and produced on a limited production run.  After manufacturing enough Orb Rocs to satisfy the crowdfunding Campaign the design is retried shortly after.   So, support Orb Roc while you can by clicking the blue "Back It" button located to the right >>>. Thank you!

Orb Roc creates a fun building and learning experience for its users.  All who assemble an Orb Roc will be exposed to many unique areas: Hands-On Construction, Tools, Mechanical Fasteners, Materials (wood, plastic, metal), Gearing, Dynamics, Kinetic Energy, Electricity, Gravity, and more.

The Orb Roc is the ultimate gift and perfect addition to any toy room, kitchen counter-top, living room table, night stand, or office desk. It is sure to start a conversation and capture the attention of all who see it in action.

Our goal is to design and create high quality, performance driven, physics toys at an affordable price.  Along with our passion for design and engineering, we have remained young at heart with the curiosity to develop toys. Physics has always been a science discipline that has captivated our team. Hopefully this inspiration allows us to introduce STEM related subjects to users of all ages.

Orb Roc features a unique (12) cradle arm and roller cam design. A battery-powered electric motor is connected to a variable speed controller which is turned on/off with the adjustment knob located on the back of the base.  The motor drives a large gear that rotates (12) sets of eccentric roller cams.  These cams contact the cradle arms to induce a rocking motion which cause the orbs to roll in various wave patterns.

Every cam has a hexagonal hole cut into them which allows each to be indexed onto the hexagon shaft at 30 degree increments.  The cam shaft assembly easily lifts out of the base to allow the user to rearrange the cam pattern as they like. Our favorite "Wave" pattern is displayed in the campaign video.





Orb Drop Stout

The Orb Drop Stout pays homage to the original Spinpal Stout but with a twist. The body is made using (4) laser cut wood discs and (8) steel ball weights which are the same orbs used in the Orb Roc. The body is held together with wood screws and utilizes plastic thumb nuts for the finger pads.  At the core, this spinner features a high performance ceramic hybrid bearing with stainless steel races and ceramic balls. The Orb Drop Stout measures just over 2 inches in diameter and weighs 3 ounces.

Power Adapter Kit

This kit includes (1) DC power cable (USB 2.0 x DC power jack) and (1) power jack connector.  This kit replaces the AA battery holder and allows you to plug your Orb Roc directly into a wall outlet using a standard phone or electronics charger.

Leveling Kit

This kit will include (4) leveling feet, (4) longer base screws, and (1) surface level.  The  threaded feet will allow you to independently adjust each corner of the Orb Roc.  With the assistance of the surface level you will be sure your base is perfectly level and the rubber pads provide an anti-slip grip to any smooth surface.

LED Light Kit

This kit will include (2) LED units each containing 3 lights and the ability to independently change between 7 colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, White). Additional wiring will also be included which will allow you to tie into the existing battery pack/rocker switch. Each LED can be placed wherever you desire by drilling a small hole in the base for wiring to pass through. The photo below is an example of (2)  LEDS, one centered on the top of the base and the other below the base.



  • Concept Design: January 2023
  • Finalize Design: October 2023
  • Launch Date: November 21st, 2023
  • Campaign Ends: December 23rd, 2023 (32 days)
  • Receive Funds: January 6th, 2024
  • Surveys: January 2024
  • Start Shipping Orders: February 2024


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Risks and Challenges

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