Munchkin Big Box

Munchkin Big Box

Dive into 25 years of chaos and monster-slaying, all in one gigantic box, the Munchkin Big Box! Kill the monsters, betray your buddies, and hoard the treasures like never before.
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It's the biggest edition ever for the mega-hit card game about fantasy adventure . . . with none of that stupid roleplaying stuff. Go down in the dungeon. Kill everything you meet. Backstab your friends and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run.

Munchkin takes the classic fantasy roleplaying experience and boils it down to the best parts. Fast-playing and silly, Munchkin can reduce any roleplaying group to hysteria.

This big box, creatively named the Big Box, celebrates 25 years of Munchkin

Munchkin has been translated into over a dozen different languages and is available in many popular genres and themes – from the original silly fantasy to lots of other silly stuff. Yes, you detect a pattern here!  


What’s In The Big Box?

Munchkin Big Box with unlocked stretch goals!

Backer Exclusive Munchkin Big Box Unlocked Stretch Goals

Munchkin Big Box is the ultimate collector’s edition. It's packed with over 650 cards, all illustrated by John Kovalic. (If you like Dork Tower, Chez Geek, or Kobolds Ate My Baby!, then you’re a fan of John’s work!) 

Among those 650+ cards are many that you have never seen before. There are also new boards, standies, and other great Munchkin items. Details will be revealed as the campaign goes on!

So, which cards come in the Big Box? We started with the core set, then added cards from Munchkin 2 – Unnatural Axe, Munchkin 3 – Clerical Errors, and Munchkin 6 – Double Dungeons. And more. So many more . . .

What else sets Munchkin Big Box apart? How about the box itself? Designed to hold over 2,000 cards, plus gameboards and other accessories, this commodious coffer is the perfect place to store your Munchkin gear.

The Big Box can hold over 2,000 cards. Trust us. We had to count...

There are two gameboards. One is the level-counting board that you know and love, with a new illustration by John Kovalic. The other is a "sideboard" for use with the Dungeon and Side Quest expansions to keep those cards organized.

The rulebook incorporates all the included expansions for easy reference. Big Box, big rules!

And there is other STUFF. So much other stuff.

• Dice! Six dice of different colors. These start off regular-sized, but stretch goals may enlarge them.
• Standies! Bigger, with new art and colored bases. Six each, male and female. Again, stretch goals may improve these.
• Kill-O-Meters! Two brand new ones . . . one to track the player's combat score, one for the monsters. And these will be a bit spiffier than regular KOMs.
 • Bookmarks! You like bookmarks! The Big Box includes the commemorative bookmark for Andrew Hackard, the “Red Pen of Doom,” our lost and lamented Munchkin Czar, who did so much to make this game the terrible and wonderful thing that it is. If the campaign goes well, there will be more bookmarks. Andrew would approve! 
• Spyke enamel pin. Shiny.
• A sheet of Munchkin stickers, suitable for sticking to things.

If you have a friend who isn't yet into Munchkin, this is a perfect gift. If all your friends are already into Munchkin, you are already living your best life and should get this for yourself so that they envy you.

What else is in Munchkin Big Box? We've unlocked so many stretch goals throughout the campaign! Check out what was unlocked below to learn more . . .  

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Who says no to more loot? Nobody, that’s who!

After the campaign has funded, we will periodically reveal new stretch goals. Each stretch goal will unlock awesome new additions or upgrades that will either directly impact the contents of the Munchkin Big Box itself or be placed in a secondary box exclusive to the backers of the Munchkin Big Box campaign.

GOAL: $100,000 – Another shiny enamel pin, and you get to vote on the design! Visit the poll in the discussion section (or click the image) to vote for your favorite! This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $110,000 – The Munchkin team hand-picked 10 of their favorite promo cards. We’ll add these 10 favorites promo cards to all Big Box sets, even those sold afterwards at retail stores.

GOAL: $125,000 – We think it’s time for a REAL Loaded Die! If we unlock this goal, every backer will receive one Loaded Die, nearly assuring them the roll they want. As long as nobody else at the table notices . . . This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $175,000 – We all like 14mm dice, but 19mm dice are twice as nice! (That’s how math works, right?) When unlocked, this stretch goal will upgrade (replace) the 14mm Munchkin d6 dice found in Munchkin Big Box

GOAL: $200,000 – If we unlock the improved standies stretch goal, we will upgrade (replace) the standard plastic clip standies in the Big Box to meeples made from wood. These 12 custom meeples will come in six different colors and feature two distinct designs, representing Spyke & Flower! (Images not final!)

GOAL: $225,000 – The perfect item to affix your shiny enamel pins to! This super swanky, deluxe wide lanyard is everything you've ever wanted a lanyard to be. This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $235,000 – Bookmarks are very near and dear to our hearts. They remind us to read books, and to use special powers on our unwitting friends while playing Munchkin! We’ll add these four bookmarks to all Big Box sets, even those sold afterwards at retail stores.

GOAL: $260,000 – A Challenge Coin. A First-Player Token. A D2. No matter the use, this Big Coin will always be nice and heavy. This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $270,000 – If you thought we could only choose enough for one set, you’d be wrong! We’ll add 10 more of our favorite promo cards to all Big Box sets, even those sold afterwards at retail stores.

GOAL: $320,000 – Replacing the former 25mm dice stretch goal will be 45 Blank Munchkin Cards. This pack will include 10 Treasures, 10 Doors, 5 Dungeons, 10 Bosses, and 10 Side Quests blanks. We will be adding them to every Munchkin Big Box, including those that go into retail stores.

GOAL: $330,000 – Have you learned how to sew? You have some time before this 3” canvas patch arrives. This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $400,000 – Control the dice chaos, and give players a place to roll their dice. This dice tray conveniently lies flat when not in use. Click the sides together to start the party! This reward is ONLY for Munchkin Big Box backers. It may be available as a campaign add-on, or it may not, but all backers will get it free, and it will not be in the Big Box sold at retail.

GOAL: $500,000 – Meeple upgrades! Your Spyke and Flower Meeples will get more detailed, and will receive colored images of Spyke and Flower on each flat face of the meeple! Don’t forget the upgraded meeples are included in all Big Box sets, even those sold afterwards at retail stores. (This art is not final.)

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GOAL: $585,000 – The ultimate question for your inner-Munchkin. Will you choose to help everyone and upgrade the retail Munchkin Big Box with 50 MORE great John Kovalic illustrations? Or will you vote to select the reward exclusive to backers, 50 Foil cards? The 50 cards selected to be foiled will be duplicates of cards already found in the Big Box. Click here to vote!

GOAL: $700,000 Stretch Goal – Double the Dividers! We've seen your request for more dividers to help organize your Munchkin collection. This stretch goal will double the number of dividers found in the Big Box from 14 to 28. Each divider comes with their own unique art! (Image not final)

GOAL: $800,000 – A new small deck specifically made to work with the Loaded Die stretch goal! This deck of 10 cards adds unique rules that will shake up your game even more. Will the Loaded Die roll in your favor when it matters most? (Art not final)

GOAL: $900,000 – John Kovalic has created over 7,500 different illustrations for Munchkin, and we simply can’t fit them all inside the Big Box. But we couldn’t leave these out! When this goal is unlocked, backers will get Kovalic’s Munchkin Miscellany, a book of Munchkin cartoons that most of you have never seen. This tiny (but mighty!) tome features a delightful collection of art – from full-color rarities to never-used B&W sketches, with John’s comments on each. John is curating this project himself and assembling some rarities from his files! Kovalic’s Munchkin Miscellany will be at least 28 zine-sized pages; if we get a quality bid for 32 pages or more (and John has enough Good Stuff) we’ll go above 28.

GOAL: $1,000,000 – Each backer gets a 10 x 20 red neoprene play mat to organize their cards. We will print add-on packs of the five other colors for those who want a complete, color-matched set. Probable retail: $60. The other colors will be the standard Munchkin orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

GOAL: $1,050,000 – Each backer will receive an 8 x 10 dry-erase card, the “Hall of Fame,” with spaces for certain record-setting objectives and, naturally, a dry-erase marker. This will let you keep track of your most Munchkiny achievements from game to game and, of course, get in-game bonuses! Each backer will also get a reprint of the classic “Fairy Dust” mini-set, with foil! 

Every stretch goal we had planned, and some that we didn't have now been unlocked. Read through the unlocked stretch goals again to see what you'll receive when you pledge for a Munchkin Big Box before the campaign ends!


Drop by the campaign Add-Ons section to check out all the great sets that John has contributed to. After the project closes, we will open the pledge manager. There you will provide the necessary information to fulfill your pledge items, and you may select additional items to add to your pledge. If you don't see what you're looking for in the campaign add-on section, that doesn't mean it won't show up in the pledge manager! When the survey is released, our add-on store will be packed full of games and accessories for Munchkin! The final shipping total will be calculated by the total weight of your pledge and any add-on items. Please see the shipping table for base costs.

Remember, the campaign add-ons store will only have John Kovalic illustrated releases available. If you're wanting to check out some of the dice above, along with some of the other sets illustrated by other Munchkin artists and so much more, that will come with the pledge manager add-on store in a few weeks. 

TableTop, Episode 5 - Join Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Steve Jackson, and Wil Wheaton as they backstab their way through the dungeon.

Watch It Played
provides an excellent learn-to-play video!


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If you want to learn more, check out! It's got everything Munchkin, with downloadable game assets, a “Learn To Play” guide, videos, and more. We even feature a section for retailer support! Whether you’re looking for the latest supplements, more accessories, or even Munchkin in another language, you’ll find plenty of information here. 

We also host a community of Munchkin fans on our Discord! Join today to talk about Munchkin rules, gameplay, and your favorite cards. Our server also features channels dedicated to Car Wars, Ogre, GURPS, and other titles. 

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Steve Jackson Games, based in Austin, Texas, has been publishing games, game books, and magazines since 1980. Our top hit is Munchkin, with over 12 million Munchkin games and supplements in print worldwide. Other hits include GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), The Fantasy Trip, Zombie Dice, Car Wars Sixth Edition, Ogre, and Illuminati. 

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