1x Ogre Miniatures Set 4

Painted Examples. Miniatures arrive unassembled on sprues and unpainted.

This pledge level is for one Ogre Miniatures Set 4. Ogre Miniatures Set 4 is packed with over 80 plastic unpainted miniatures and includes: 

  • 2x Ogre MKI
  • 2x Ogre MKII
  • 8x Ranger Heavy Tank
  • 12x Yankee Light Tank
  • 8x Raptor GEV
  • 12x Gremlin LGEV
  • 6x Roadrunner GEV-PC
  • 6x Banshee Missile Tank
  • 6x Alamo Superheavy Tank
  • 4x Minotaur Howitzer
  • 4x Bigfoot Mobile Howitzer
  • 14x Combine Infantry with bases (42 total units)
  • 2x Doppelsoldner Tread Refit

Please note: Shipping charged separately in BackerKit pledge manager after the project closes. Please review the shipping chart for estimates to available locations. Digital items will be fulfilled via BackerKit (and optionally Warehouse 23).

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1x Ogre Miniatures Set 4

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