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12 months ago

Project Update: This Update Requires Your Vote! Compatibility Pack!

The voice actors for the last stretch goal have all been contacted! Carlos Ferro and James Dorton have their documents, and we are taking reads on the other letters!

Now we are onto Compatibility Packs. This update requires your feedback. We have a setting and mega-campaign over 10 chapters. The nice thing about storylines and worlds that are designed to plug into your homebrew worlds with only a few stitch threads and minor works (we may approach gods differently than yours for example): is that the system used can also be swapped out.

All of our monster stats are baked into the end of the Black Ballad in alphabetical order. The biggest hurdle for a storyteller in running a campaign for another game system is having to jury-rig those monsters to fit their rules set. There are a LOT of game systems out there. Pathfinder 2nd Edition and Project Black Flag have our current eyes, but what do you think?

Vote on the Poll and Pick Your Favorite.

Once the core product delivery of the Black Ballad is finished, polished, and finalized... we will convert all the monster stat blocks over to the chosen system. Rework the unlocked class features if they are compatible (some game systems might not have a cleric or faith-based class that uses domains), and then update our challenge charts for that game system's skill rolls.

Every backer on the project will get a free PDF version of the compatibility pack.

We have two stretch goals for this type of feature, and so we will hit the top two votes on the poll after the campaign has fully ended (and will probably add to it in a discord poll as well to make sure we get as many votes as we can).


Ollie, one of our Social Media peoples... has kinda been rocking it over on TikTok.

Ollie has also been trying to tackle me to make more videos myself and chat about game industry insider stuff... and I'll get back to doing that as soon! I promise. (There Ollie. I said it).

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