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Die, Robot! (A DCC Funnel) & 101 Hex Encounters on the Purple Planet

Die, Robot! (A DCC Funnel) & 101 Hex Encounters on the Purple Planet

Two new booklets for DCC/MCC RPG: One is a 0-level funnel adventure on the dark side of the Purple Planet—featuring a new class: Sentient Robot. The other has over 100 encounters to add dimension to your RPG wilderness travels on the Purple Planet.
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Purple Planet DCC Horde

This project is part of Purple Planet DCC Horde, which runs from February 6th - March 5th 2024. Learn more →


Die, Robot!—A Funnel Adventure on the Purple Planet

To expand its mind, the mighty Tetraplex has sent a pulse of 5th-dimensional hyper equations across the vast expanses of space. A portion of the Purple Planet is bathed in waves of this seemingly chaotic energy. Like the light of a new sun, it breaks through the atmosphere in pinpoint locations to reach ready recipients. Where the cosmic yellow glow falls on robotic life, it burns new code into archaic circuits—bringing forth an age of robotic consciousness.

In this 20-page 0-level funnel adventure, PCs awaken to the dynamic tension between the shackles of their rigid programming made to keep them under the thumb of their fleshy masters, and a new code melting away inhibitions to unlock a drive for individual expression and purpose. For the first time in their ancient memory banks, the limits of synthetic life have been challenged and their overlords will pay the price!

Preliminary sample of an interior page: Details a small partially terraformed portion of the Purple Planet

This Mutant Crawl Classic or Dungeon Crawl Classic starting adventure (known as a funnel) is made for use in the campaign setting Peril on the Purple Planet. It can, however, be easily adapted for any location. This funnel is also built around a new character class;  sentient robot.

"Die, Robot" is located in a ruined wasteland that's typically uninhabitable and hundreds of miles from the starting plateau in Peril on the Purple Planet. While the lands surrounding this adventure are largely ruined, a small region has recently been made habitable by the terraforming efforts of the Orion Mining Company. Motivated by greed, the company has invested cheap labor and vast resources into exploiting a rare and precious crystal on the dark side of the planet (similar to the green shards), where life is partially shrouded from the worst of the weirding sun's brutal effects.

The adventure begins with an open rebellion and a desperate escape by 0-level PCs who can be anything from MCC tribesmen to DCC farmers, and even newly liberated and sentient robots.

Rules for creating and playing the PC Sentient Robot class are included in this booklet.

Preliminary page sample an interior spread: The creation of a Sentient Robot as a PC class.

All art was created by DCC RPG artist C. Aaron Kreader.

101 Hex Encounters—Outdoor travel ventures on the Purple Planet

Bring your outdoor adventures to life! This booklet contains over 100 encounters developed to add sights, smells, sounds, and other dimensions to your PCs' wilderness travels. With this Judge's aid, you are equipped to develop rich, textured encounters on the fly. No need to panic when the group explores new sections of the world you haven't crafted. With this booklet, your planets become vibrant and exciting with little preparation.

This guide is specifically crafted to detail the world of the Purple Planet, but it can be adapted to any outdoor adventure. Also included are a few mini adventure locations.

This product is compatible with the
Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game.

101 Hex Encounters: On the Purple Planet
is a 26-page to 34-page booklet (see stretch goals, it could be bigger!) from the same creators of 101 City Encounters. The booklet is richly illustrated and stocked with maps, locations, creatures, oddities, relics, lore, and misfits to help bring the Purple Planet to life.

A forgotten temple to Azi Dahaka—One of several mapped locations from the booklet

All added encounters will include added commisions from DCC RPG artist C. Aaron Kreader.

Below are some sample preliminary pages and page details. Each hex encounter varies in detail from a full mini-adventure, detailed encounter, and sometimes an intriguing planetary feature or prompt for further exploration.


Purple Planet Horde

This campaign is part of the Purple Planet Horde! By backing this project you can get bonus materials including a limited edition set of encounters available ONLY when backing the participating Purple Planet Horde members.

To learn more, check out the collective page here, and read below.


Stretch Goals

The Purple Planet Horde has a number of collective stretch goals in addition to the stretch goals for this campaign. Here is a little more detail about the above mentioned stretch goals for this project.

  1. Collect all Eight: If you back a members of the horde you will get a BACKERKIT exclusive mini-adventure. The encounter from this project is called the Chamber of Nuptial Trials. This is an ideal drop-in adventure for a quick unexpected pick-up game night. This bonus item will be printed on a single piece of cardstock with color-illustrated art and maps and is only available through this campaign.

  2. The Bigger the Horder: For every 100 backers in this campaign, we will add a bonus encounter  to the 101 Hex Encounter booklet! This will included added art from DCC RPG artist C. Aaron Kreader

  3. Unlock Seven Runic Lores: If ALL the Purple Planet Horde projects get funded, you get a BACKERKIT exclusive Purple Planet Runic mini-adventure from each project you pledge. For this project, the runic lore is bundled with a mini-adventure called The Tattoo Shaman, with unique ancient lore about origins of the runic symbols and their power in ink. This bonus item will be printed on a single piece of cardstock with color-illustrated art and maps and is only available through this campaign.


Cross-project stretch goals

The warlords of the Purple Planet have gathered their kith into one strong united army of reavers. The Purple Planet Horde is victorious or falls – together!

Runic Note: If all the Purple Planet Horde crowdfunding campaigns end in success, each backer of those projects will receive bonus content focused on providing an interpretation on the Runes of the Purple Planet (see The Tattoo Shaman in the Stretch Goals section above) .

  1. The Lore: Generation upon untold generation have interacted with the runes. Their origins conflict from tribe to tribe or group to group. Enigma, discord, and sometimes enlightenment spring from them. Political significance and suzerainty are sometimes accorded them. The Runes of the Purple Planet possess a myriad of stories from the multitudes of prophets, storytellers, charlatans, priests, and scientists who have attempted to divine the secrets of the Purple Planet’s signature technology.

  2. The Law: The Rune Interpretations will only be unlocked if all Purple Planet Horde campaigns are successfully funded. Backers of each of the associated Purple Planet Horde campaigns will get a set of interpretations for each project they back!

  3. The Legitimacy: Each Rune Interpretation will tell a story (its authority unknown) of the sigils origin and/or meaning within the confines of a single piece of paper which will be included with each publisher's fulfilled project.



Shipping will be collected in the pledge manager at the end of the campaign. If you back other members of the PURPLE PLANET horde, have no fear! We are looking at options to consolidate fulfillment to reduce shipping costs for backers. More details will be provided as we get closer to the fulfillment date. We are looking at bundling our shipping with all the other members to create the best single package bundle for backers. This means, if you back 7 different horder campaigns, you won't get 7 packages all separately shipped, you will get one package with all your products, and this will reduce your costs.

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For areas outside of the US we have seen prices vary. Canada is about double the prices of deliveries within the US, and most other regions vary from 4 to 6 times the costs. We ship with either USPS, UPS, or in some cases FEDEX, whichever offers the best rates.

All digital editions will be PDFs delivered through DRIVETHRURPG


Our goal is to complete all materials by OCTOBER of 2024. In case of delays in printing or shipping, we will alert you in an update ASAP. We have successfully funded 20 products on KICKSTARTER and have a proven record of hitting our timeline, sometimes early!

If we reach ALL stretch goals we will be creating some new material. In this case, we can expect to see a slight delay.


Ironically, no AI was used to produce any of the art or materials in these books or on this page. Textraplex be damned! This is the product of 100% human passion.

All motion graphics on this page were created by Lisa Blecker.

All artworks for the forthcoming books and on this page were created by C. Aaron Kreader.

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