Arisa Chibara
4 months ago

Project Update: Update from my manufacturer regarding shipping, still on-route unfortunately

Hello everyone,
I’ve been asking my manufacturer to follow up with the shipping courier to give me a status update. They assured me that it’s on route and not lost, since I was getting a bit worried. I’m still hopeful that tracking will show arrive in Canada status and get an UPS tracking soon. I’ll continue to monitor and keep everyone updated. Once the shipment does arrive in hand, I’ll get a helper so we can get rewards out as fast as we can.
Apologies again for delays, I didn’t expect sea shipping to take this long, previous campaigns I’ve launched usually had shipments arrive 2 months or so, this waiting game is really frustrating.
I want to offer everyone a free sticker sheet for the trouble. It’ll be added to your rewards.

Thanks for being so patient 
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