Little Comforts

Little Comforts

An art book for the holidays, featuring a heartwarming story, illustrations, and recipes.
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A few years ago Jessica came up with an idea to put together a little book full of short stories, artwork and recipes that would help bring smiles for the holidays. After doing it a few times herself, she enlisted the help of her friend Austin and together they began to really flesh out the idea.

Then 2020 and Covid hit and it became difficult for them to be able to put together a book and so they decided to take a break.

The very first Little Comforts book

This year, they have decided to completely reboot the series with a fresh take on what they hope will help brighten the holiday season for their readers.

This year's new book will be an 8.5" x 5.5" paperback book. It will be perfect bound and set in a landscape format. We are starting with 100 pages, a mixture of black and white and color pages. It will be printed on 70# offset paper, which is the best option for the color pages, and will have a glossy cover.

Sample Mock Up

Little Comforts Story

Set in Belgium towards the end of World War II, during the infamous battle of the bulge, the story follows Jack Hartley, an American soldier far from his home and love sick for his fiancé, Julie. Jack soon finds himself deep in trouble and lost in the Belgian woods and in his hour of need, the recipient of a little Holiday magic.
If you have been a fan of Little Comforts in past years, there are some changes to be aware of:

  • The book is now 8.5 x 5.5 (up from 5 x 7)
  • It is now landscape format, so that we can bring you the best size images and a consistent format.¬†
  • We've reduced it from several very small stories, into one in depth, detailed short story.¬†
  • The artwork is all specifically done for the book and is consistent with the story itself.¬†
  • The recipes have been curated to reflect the time period the story takes place in.

Previous editions and how landscape images were printed. The right image was one page.

How the pages will be printed in the new landscape format book. This is a single page.

Let's talk a little about add ons! 

In previous years, we have had very limited options for doing add ons, and often had to make custom tier levels for the combination of items people wished for. This year is different as backerkit has an add on function that we are going to USE MERCILESSLY. Choose carefully, some add ons will be very limited, and the originals will be listed as possible add ons as well. 

So here are the possibilities. 

  • I NEED MORE! Extra copies of the books have been a popular request, so now we've made it where you can simply add on as many as you wish.¬†
  • WE FORGOT OUR TREE! Jessica has been painting small originals of holiday trees. With this you can add one on to your book. The first original will be attached to the inside of your book on page 3. Any additional originals will be separate.¬†

Should we reach the extra add on stretch goals, they will be put here! 
Obviously with any kickstarter, you have to wonder what our stretch goals will be? Well we have a few in mind. 
UNLOCKED!!! $1100: Everyone gets a collectible art card with their book! 

UNLOCKED!!! $1200: We unlock the first of the add ons, two of the post cards from the story will be made available for purchase! 

UNLOCKED!!! $1300: Another pair of post cards will be unlocked for add ons!

UNLOCKED!!!!  $1400: The super rare "Snow Fairy" card will be added to your book! 

$1500: Two more post cards will be unlocked for add ons! 
$1600: ALL the little comforts recipes from all the books made available in a single pdf! 

We have streamlined our process so that our shipping will be as smooth and swift as possible. 

Our goal is to get the books into the mail no later than December 15th, so that they can arrive in time for the holidays. We will do everything in our power to make that deadline, and will do express shipping/printing to get the books to us on time. 

International: We can ship to Canada and Mexico (please note there will be custom fees for both these countries). We are still working out a way to ship to other countries at this time. If you have an American go between you'd like us to ship to, please use their address as your shipping address!

NOTE: The price of the pledge level DOES NOT reflect shipping costs. These will be added to your total after the project has funded. Backerkit will notify you when you pledge but we wanted to make doubly sure you were aware!

This is our first time using backerkit, so we are uncertain how long it takes to process your payment. However, once funding is complete, we will immediately hit print with our printer. 

They are a USA based company, and generally take around 3 days to print and send the books to us. Shipping from their shop to us is at max 4 days. We're anticipating the books to arrive somewhere around December 1st. Give or take a day or two. 

From there, it is just a matter of packaging and labeling, which Austin and Jessica will be doing together in one fell swoop. Provided there are no delays, we expect to have everything shipped by December 15th. 

From there the time to get to you just depends on the post office, but each package will have tracking. 
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