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My emotional support Sugarbell Pals

My emotional support Sugarbell Pals

Meet the Sugarbell pals! These comforting friends are aprox. 19 inches tall, full of cuddles and perfect for soothing anxiety. Each come lightly weighted and with a birth certificate!
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Introducing Sugarbell Pals! Your new emotional support plushies

Moon, Dreampuff,Milkshake and more are here as your new emotional support plushies!

As the artist and creator, I have struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. Plushies are often a comfort to me, so I created this campaign in hopes to bring comfort and love to many people across the globe in the form of these fluffy friends! <3

These plushies each stand about 19 inches tall, made with floppy limbs perfectly sized for cuddling!

Each character is lightly weighted in the bum, with extra beads in each paw for the floppy feeling!

Milkshake the Cow

Dreampuff the Dragon

Moon the Celestial cat

Berry the bat

Plush Details

Let's go over the deets of these sweet babies!
All plushies ate ~19 inches tall, made with soft faux fur and embroidered details. They have weighted beans in their paws and butts!

Dreampuff the Dragon
Moon the cat

Milkshake the cow

Stretch Goals

Blossom the Opossum UNLOCKED

Petal the baby Opossum UNLOCKED

Patches the Raccoon UNLOCKED!

Lollipup the Love Puppy UNLOCKED

Milo the Axolotl UNLOCKED

Flora the bat is UNLOCKED

Maple the fox is UNLOCKED

AuDHD x Sugarbell Pals Collab!

AuDHD x SugarBell Pals

A fun collab with AuDHD creatures! When you back both of our campaigns, you'll get two special sticker sheets!

Shipping & Timeline

Shipping Estimates

Shipping will be collected after the campaign ends, once I have the plushies in hand to be sent out! This is estimated for July-August.


March 15th - Campaign goes live
April 5th - Campaign ends
April 25th - Bulk order is placed.
June - Manufacturing is completed and shipped to me.
July - August - I receive the plushies and begin to ship them out.
September - Fulfillment is completed and everyone has their plushies!

About the Artist

Hello! I'm Moon, the artist and sole person behind Sugary Carousel!
I have been running Sugary Carousel full time since early 2020. It is my passion project, and it has a focus on soft, pastel plushies!
Me and one of my cats, Lou!

I've been an artist ever since I could hold a pencil, and I've always had one main interest: Animals, and designing them into cute characters! This passion has gotten me through so much, and I don't think I'll ever stop designing little animals. Once I started my own shop, I quickly realized I could turn my art into more....and plushies ended up being the main focus!
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