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Medieval Heckle

Medieval Heckle

Medieval Heckle is a strategic, fast-paced card game. Race to discard your hand and shout “Heckle.” Use disruptive cards, adapt with dynamic modes, face new dilemmas in Medieval Heckle. Perfect for all gamers. Support us on Backerkit.
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Medieval Heckle is based on a well-played family game with many years of history and quite a journey!

More than 30 years ago, a slow-moving card game played by the game creator's extended family, became a cherished tradition for our family. It was originally super easy to play with regular decks, and derived from other familiar games.  It remaining a staple of our gatherings, until...

At one point, family interest exploded with excitement after a single rule change dramatically changed the game's nature, excitement, and speed... laying the foundation for what we now call, "Melee Play". With this one rule change, we called it "Super Power Hyper Heckle"!

Playing it this way was fun, but it led to many rules disputes, which are now an integral part of the game. These rules ensure fairness for all players competing simultaneously while keeping it fast. They include starting with "on guard," picking up all penalty cards at the same time, and promptly calling out the new suit when changing it.

As we played with more and more groups, the game's creators were inspired to translate this proven idea into a themed environment... a "world" to engage its inhabitants as much as they want, incorporating:

  1. battle tactics and weapons

  2. names of people and characters

  3. classes, status, and titles

  4. economics, such as treasury and currency

Thus, the game "Medieval Heckle" was born!

We have created:

  • Battle terms and icons for attack, defense, and redirection tactics.

  • Character art, unique and loosely based on the original family

  • Character names from Old English, German, Greek, French, Norse, Latin, Slavic, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Hebrew, Scottish, and Irish.
    Note: Each name has a specific origin we'll reveal exclusively to our biggest supporters!

  • Medieval classes and status which have meaning during a campaign.

  • Economics that naturally bring the game to a timely conclusion.

So, whether you fully embrace the gothic affinity or simply let the canon of rules entice you, this exciting quest has weathered many trials and ordeals, leading to a flawless conquest for the victor and a fruitful quest for all!

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NOTE: The above prices DO NOT include shipping and taxes. Shipping costs and taxes will be charged after the campaign ends, closer to fulfillment.

Expected timeline for 2024:

  • June 20-Aug 20: Campaign underway; Supporters engaged, back and are billed.

  • September: Production begins for earliest delivery before the holidays. Surveys sent to backers.

  • October: Status updates sent to backers.

  • November: Game and Rewards shipped to Backers

Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. We'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until fulfilled.

Your payment method will be charged after the campaign ends on Aug 20, 2024 at 12:00am PDT and the project reaches its funding goal. You will not be charged if the campaign does not reach its funding goal.
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Estimated shipping costs are as follows:

United States - $6-8

Canada - $10-15

Shipping will be charged separately after the campaign ends and closer to the ship date.

For backers outside of the US & Canada:
International backers, we love you, but due to complex licensing and tax requirements we are not able to offer International Shipping for this campaign. However, post your interest in a Discussion Thread, and we can follow-up after the campaign ends. 

Thank you so much for your support of this project! You're helping create a dream that will exist for years to come. 

It's important to understand that this is a crowdfunded campaign and your pledge is an upfront investment in the project and products—this is not an online store and you will not immediately receive your rewards after pledging. 

Once the campaign ends you will be charged for your selected Pledge Level plus any Add-ons purchased during the campaign. We will receive the money from Backerkit around two - Three weeks after the campaign ends, and backers will receive a Pledge Survey to choose their rewards and purchase any additional items they choose. Additional purchases and shipping charges will be processed separately and charged closer to fulfillment.

Once the majority of the surveys are in, production on the reward items will begin. Please note that minor changes to items may occur in production, and that the images presented here are mockup designs. There is a possibility of slight changes in color and size in the physical item.  We will do our best to make sure to resolve any effected copies before shipment if needed.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more details about variations in the final product, my refund and exchange policy, forfeiture of rewards, and other important information.

While our initial goal will allow us to make the game available, we want to go above and beyond.  We have extra-special additional rewards planned for certain stretch goals...

1,000 Units sold - We meet our minimum requirements for bulk discounts!

1,000 Backers - Free printable content additions via downloads, available for all backers:

  • Score sheets (various currencies, like Florins, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar)

  • Game board (various preferences)

  • Additional game rules for experienced players

4,000 Backers - New original physical content, available for purchase as add-ons

  • Card packs with new, custom cards and special rules

  • Physical game board and currency (tokens as Florins)

  • Special box/packaging with fold-out rules

8,000 Backers - Mobile app for game play examples/guidance, tips/tricks, advanced rules, and scoring

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