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Project Update: Stickers Keychains and more!

Hi friends! Hope you've been having a wonderful past couple of weeks! I've been busily working on both this campaign and lots of other new projects for the rest of the year! To break the silence, I had some updates I wanted to share 


Stickers have arrived and turned out wonderful! Each one has a nice soft metallic sheen to it, very happy with the outcome :) 


I just got done filling the Meatsquito pins with the liquid and I'm extremely happy with how this keychain turned out! I can't post videos on backerkit but you can find a video I took of the shifting glitter and sand action HERE!

Unfortunately the Bee-Chain ended up having only one acrylic piece in it despite me paying for and requesting three pieces. I've sent an email to my supplier to try to rectify the issue ASAP, but thought I'd share anyways! I love how bright the colors turned out. Hopefully I get a response soon and I won't be too delayed with a remake for these keychains 


I have lots of WIP photos for my pins, thought I would share some!
First up is the Velvet Worm! The UV printing on this one isn't what I originally wanted, as it fades into a lighter color than fades off into the dark enamel. I messaged my supplier about this and hopefully it won't be too much of a problem to get it tweaked. Otherwise I love the galactic sparkles on this one and the rich blue plating! This is the only pin thus far that I've noticed an issue with,

And then here are some of the other ones that are complete or very close to completion!

Some other things!

That's mostly it for now! Just as an FYI I'm running a little Birthday Sale where all items in my Etsy shop are 30% off! I've added a lot of new items which you can find in my shop HERE! Sale ends at End of Day Sunday 6/16 :)

My campaign partner UltraInfinite is also running another campaign set to launch soon, featuring tons and tons of sick designs (per usual). It's going to be a very exciting campaign so be sure to sign up for it if you haven't already and follow along HERE!

I'm also going to be a guest artist on this campaign, along with other very talented artists! You can find my design for the campaign below, featuring my very handsome OC Sarvael :)

Okay that's it for now! Per usual if you ever have any questions comments concerns or anything else send me an email at [email protected]! Backerkit fails to notify me of comments here even though I try to check to the best of my abilities. Hope to see you all soon and have a safe and happy weekend! 
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