You and your party agree to send out a scouting mission consisting of mostly rangers, druids and other sneaky folks.

The rest of you agree to setup camp by the waterfall in the not so dark area of the forest.

When you arrive to the waterfall, you're breath is taken away as the falls tumble down thru the forest canopy making the nearby trees look like they have sparkling white vines cascading down to the forest floor, where the water has carved out pools and streams intersecting the tree roots until they finally flow into a singular large pond. There's flowers and thick moss all around the pond, glistening with water droplets from the mist of the falls.


Setting up camp on the driest side of the pond with the best view, the scouts are reluctant to leave. The bards wish them well as they start singing and starting general merriment.

The scouts head in further into the dark forest. The idyllic forest is soon replaced with darker shadows, branches that look like claws, hallows that appear like huge monstrous faces.

(*Roll*=1 (ouch))

As you sneak around trying to locate the Glowblossoms, you take a short rest. One of you lean on a massive mangled tree. Immediately the tree creeks and moans. The roots start lifting up out of the soft ground it's in. The entire tree comes crashing down, knocking other trees over in it's massive wake. The sound can be heard all the way to the village several leagues away.

If you were planning on sneaking thru the forest, that plan has epically failed.


You hear critters running away from the disaster but nothing approaches angrily.

What do you do now? Write in the comments your ideas, reactions, etc. THUMBS UP your favorites to choose those choices to move forward with.

(Session 2: Nope)





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