• Compose an "alternate soundtrack" / song for a story in Tales of The Black Piper, vol. 1 *
  • 1 min to 3 min compositionΒ 
  • Post-campaign royalties for your contribution as distributed/sold through Symphonic
  • Potential recording & potential mixing **

  • Copy of Tales of The Black Piper, vol. 1Β 
    • Anthology (paperback book or digital PDF)
    • Album (physical CD or digital MP3)

* A composer from The Black Piper will create an official soundtrack for every story in the anthology, and you will be assigned and compose an additional/alternate soundtrack (or song) on one story from the album. Your submission will be subject to Creative Direction.

** Recording and mixing depend on goals reached, music style of the composition, production timing, & musical complexity. In the event of a recording, you will need to provide a draft of the orchestration for evaluation and final determination. The Black Piper may elect to assist you in polishing and preparing the orchestration for recording at their sole discretion.

Please consult the FAQ for additional details.


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