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almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Black Prism: Last Few Days - Unlocking (Almost) Everything

Hi everyone,

We are now in the last few days of the campaign, and we have a big push ahead of us! There is certainly a ways to go, and it may seem massive, but there are a few (small, yet huge) things that you can do to help make this a success.

1. Bring a Friend

Given our current average pledge amount, if each one of us brings just one friend to pledge, we will hit the goal. Is there anyone you can think of who would love a particular reward? Tell them how awesome it is in a personal message!

2. Increase Your Pledge

Some of you are already pledging a lot - above and beyond! We thank you deeply for your love of and patronage of the arts and your belief in our mission to flood the world with music.

For those willing to increase their pledge, we have been making some adjustments to allow us to offer you more goodies - which means more cool stuff for you and/or gifts for your friends and loved ones. (Think Christmas and birthdays and other celebrated gift-giving days.) This means that:

We're unlocking all of the following:

  1. Reflections (available in pledge levels 2A and higher)
  2. Physical Illuminated Chant Sheet
  3. Metal bookmark
  4. 7-pointed star Pendant/Necklace
  5. Drafter Pack
  6. Ultimate Pack
  7. Tier 6: Merch
  8. Tier 8: The (almost) Everything

Additional Anthology Entries

We are also adding on the option for anyone entering the anthology to add additional entries for $100 each (up to 5 total). (Initial entry is still $350 for the tier or $300 as an add-on). Each additional story will receive the same treatment (professional editing, soundtrack) as the main pledge. You can even use this option to gift an entry to someone else!

Easy Additions

Using a simple feature that BackerKit implemented, we've made it easy for you to add funds to your pledge for things you want. All you'll need to do is to click the image in the Add-Ons section for the thing they want. This will take you to the pledge adjustment page with the amount for the add-on added to your pledge, and there, you can "Confirm Your Pledge". (Please note that if you have already increased your pledge beyond the tier amount, you may still need to do some calculations to be sure you're adding the right amount for any increase.) But this should help make things easier.

Only With Your Help...

... can we make this campaign successful and ultimately keep doing what we do. We are deeply grateful for your efforts and encouragement so far.

Now, let's show the world what we can do together!

The Team @ The Black Piper




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