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Project Update: LIGHTBRINGER - Campaign Re-Launch: Sept 8 (Tomorrow)

Hi everyone,

First of all, thank you to all who completed surveys for our initial Black Prism campaign launch. Your feedback was invaluable, and it has helped us analyze and restructure the campaign.

It has taken us a bit to sift through and streamline everything, but based on your enthusiasm and encouragement (and our desire to make something awesome), we have decided to relaunch the campaign. Here are the details:

Launch Date/Time: Tomorrow - Thursday, September 8, 2022 9AM PST
End Date: September 30, 2022 (only 3 weeks!)

  • Focus: We will be focusing heavily on what The Black Piper does best: the music. This means that we have pulled back on nearly all of the associated merchandise. While the merch was almost all developed up front and ready to be manufactured at the push of a few buttons, the abundance of options was too much. As a result, we're beginning this new campaign with the music (and a little bit of art) only.
  • Anthology: Data and feedback from the previous campaign suggested that the anthology piece was, on its own, rather successful. But in the interest of streamlining our focus, we are splitting the anthology into its own campaign. We will update you with details on this later, but we are very excited for the possibilities with this.
  • Fewer Tiers: In the interest of simplification and due to the removal of merchandise, we have reduced the number of pledge tier options.
  • Starting Small: One recurring theme in your feedback is your interest in quality. To that end, we will be starting small, and our first "album upgrade" (stretch goal) will allow us to record with live musicians (soloists). From there, stretch goals will add additional tracks to the album (effectively allowing us to add additional composers, who will bring new perspectives - and thus a deeper quality - to the album).

We are deeply grateful for your willingness to help us succeed and your willingness to provide feedback. As a reminder, you were not charged for your pledge on the last campaign. We would love your help in making this new campaign a resounding success. We'll provide you with a link tomorrow, where you can come, check out the new structure/tiers, and make a new pledge.

Thank you all! You are the reason we do what we do, and we hope to see you there tomorrow, making some noise!

All the best,
Michael & The Team @ The Black Piper




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