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Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron

A fantasy TTRPG inspired by Berserk, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Dragon Age - Step onto the battlefield and defy a merciless destiny alongside your close-knit band of mercenaries.
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For more than seventy years, the Erenwald Empire and the Republic of Dormas have been locked in a fratricidal conflict, though its roots have long been forgotten. The Holy Church of Light lends support to both contenders in their search for fertile ground in which to sow the seed of faith. Meanwhile, the mysterious Darokar arrive from the far east, ready to lay waste to the lands of Valraven. Many innocents suffer under the yoke of one faction or another, each of which is seized by a savagery that knows no mercy. Some even find a dangerous ally in the profane Hand of the Abyss, a demonic force ready to seize those desperate enough to sell their souls.

Against this backdrop of perpetual war, companies of mercenaries decide the fortunes of their faction on the battlefield, forging their own destinies in blood and iron.

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron immerses you in a savage fantasy realm embroiled in an unending conflict, where empires clash and demonic entities vie for dominion over the continent of Valraven. This role-playing game unfolds within a grim medieval universe, echoing the intense aura of Kentaro Miura's Berserk, and drawing inspiration from other mature fantasy series like Dragon Age and A Song of Ice and Fire.

As brethren in arms within a mercenary company aligned with one of the myriad factions at play, the game's protagonists are bonded by bloodshed, fleeing a brutal past while seeking a different future, inexorably drawn together by the relentless tide of war.

Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron is the new project from the two-time ENNIE-nominated (Product of the Year, Best Adventure) team behind Broken Tales, Broken Tales: Lost Stories, and Dead Air: Seasons

Valraven is illustrated by Tommaso Lucchetti, Zakuro Aoyama, Samuele Zardinoni, and Greta Ricciolini, with graphic design and other contributions by Daniel Comerci.


This edition of Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron will be released in English only. Some selected items will also be supported in Italian (see below). 

Questa edizione di Valraven sarà disponibile SOLO IN INGLESE

Il nuovo accessorio Valraven Tarot Deck (i Tarocchi di Valraven) include anche le regole in italiano. I Tarocchi sono completamente compatibili con l’edizione italiana di Valraven, disponibile QUI.

Il livello di pledge Witch, disponibile ad un prezzo bundle vantaggioso, include il Valraven Tarot Deck, le regole per usarlo nella lingua che preferite, e i nuovi PDF del Core Book e del Book of Eclipse (solo in inglese). 

This game is built upon on the Monad Echo system, utilized in titles like Broken Tales and Dead Air: Seasons, emphasizing storytelling with significant mechanical consequences and swift action outcomes, where the risk/reward equilibrium is crucial (a free SRD is available here). The way you portray your character's actions, identity, and demeanor profoundly influences both the narrative and gameplay mechanics. This is a game that eschews the practice of min-maxing and optimization in favor of weaving epic, tragic tales and exploring the depths of their protagonists.

Players unite under the banner of a single mercenary company, tasked with maneuvering through Valraven's perilous political terrain, besieged by factional pressures from every direction. Each faction seeks to claim their share of power, and the game introduces mechanics designed to ensure that no resolution comes easily. The dual-sided map of Valraven, featured in the Core Book and also available as an independent add-on, reveals the dominant faction in each region and highlights the rival forces desiring to usurp their influence or territory. A typical situation reads like this:

The Company's mission is to escort the traitorous Lucian from the city of Hidden (Republic of Dormas) to Eloyss in the Erenwald Empire. Lucian is at the center of a lucrative deal for the Company's patron, but no one is aware of his treachery. Arriving at the border, the Company must decide whether to cross through Erenwald-controlled territory or find safe passage at the White Court, at the risk of encountering an Empire spy. Alternatively, the company can venture through Darokar-controlled territory, avoiding Imperial troops but risking falling into the clutches of the invaders.

The game introduces a unique four-seasons framework, situating your Company amid desolated warzones and deep within the intrigue of royal courts. This structure further enables concentrated storytelling centered on a character's pursuit of their dreams during pivotal instances—leaving the consequences of such pursuits in your hands to determine.

Download the Quickstart and follow the campaign updates for more details on Valraven’s specific structure and mechanics.


6.6”x9.4”, Hardcover
Valraven's Core Book contains everything you need to play the game. 

  • All the essential rules required to navigate every facet of the game—from basic actions and conflict resolution to managing epic battles, understanding the dynamics of rank and relationships, and the implications of a character pursuing their Path of Perdition.
  • An exhaustive overview of the setting, featuring the Erenwald Empire, the Republic of Dormas, the Holy Church of Light, the Hand of the Abyss, the Darokar, the Great North, and the Borderlands, alongside profiles of key NPCs.
  • 11 distinct Roles to form your mercenary Company, each equipped with unique Gifts (Man-at-arms, Captain, Lieutenant, Devout, Dragon, Shadow Agent, Outcast, Witch, Sawbones, Scholar, Noble).
  • A selection of ready-to-use mercenary Companies and instructions for crafting your own.
  • Guidelines for structuring comprehensive game cycles through four seasons, encompassing field battles, boss confrontations, courtly intrigues, and the quest for personal ambitions, as well as streamlined approaches for quicker, one-shot adventures.
  • A wealth of tips and best practices to help you get the most out of Valraven and tune it to the tone that you as a player will enjoy.


6.6”x9.4”, Hardcover
The Book of the Eclipse is an expansion book divided into four main sections:

  • The Other Side delves into the perspective of playing as a member of the Darokar or serving The Hand of the Abyss, aiming at the downfall of Valraven. This chapter significantly expands upon these two factions, enriching also the standard campaign experience with detailed insights.
  • The Spirit World provides a comprehensive exploration of the mystical aspects of the game world, detailing the workings of magic, artifacts, and rituals. It also features an extensive bestiary, showcasing the myriad of fantastical creatures inhabiting Valraven.
  • The Calm before the Storm provides an extensive exploration of the continent of Valraven, delving into its customs, significant events, and challenges. It's filled with narrative prompts and tables designed to spontaneously generate any element you might require for your adventure.
  • The War Chest includes all the unlocked campaign stretch goals. Depending on the campaign's progress, it will feature ready-to-play Scenarios, the Solo Mode, detailed examinations of pivotal locations, random tables, arena rules, new NPCs, and more. For information on stretch goals and how to contribute to unlocking them, refer to the Stretch Goal section on this page. A simple share of the campaign link in relevant communities can make a significant difference!


The Valraven Tarot Deck, with a cover of Zakuro Aoyama, illustrated by Tommaso Lucchetti and with graphic design by Daniel Comerci, makes its premiere with this campaign, emerging as an essential tool for those seeking thematic inspiration. Designed for collaborative use at the gaming table, the deck comprises 72 cards:

  • 25 Major Arcana reflecting Roles and significant archetypes
  • 40 Minor Arcana representing the game's four seasons
  • 6 Faction cards
  • 1 card dedicated to practical information (links, etc.)

Accompanied by a comprehensive PDF guide for interpreting the cards, the deck facilitates the Master of Chronicles in:

  • Resolving events (escapes, duels, battles, etc.)
  • Determining faction accomplishments
  • Deciding the destinies of NPCs
  • Uncovering opportunities for the mercenary company
  • Generating NPCs, locations, creatures, battles, or missions

For players, the deck includes rules to:

  • Generate questions that flesh out Support NPCs
  • Create bonds between NPCs and your character or the company
  • Craft past events for your character's backstory
  • Determine the results of missions or projects assigned to NPCs

Le istruzioni per interpretare i tarocchi saranno realizzate anche in italiano. Potrete scegliere la vostra lingua preferita in fase di Pledge Manager, a campagna conclusa. 


These rewards are either included in higher pledge levels or available as Add-Ons.


For the first time since its debut in the Italian edition, we're introducing a striking Valraven slipcase, crafted to house both the Core Book and the Book of Eclipse. Conceived by Daniel Comerci, its design features a sleek matte black complemented by stark lucid white accents, making it the most sought-after item from the initial campaign.

Attenzione, questo slipcase NON ha delle misure adatte ad ospitare le edizioni Kickstarter italiane. I due volumi in questa campagna non hanno la stessa paginazione dei loro corrispettivi in italiano. Per questo motivo, in questa campagna non venderemo lo Slipcase separatamente.


The Valraven Role Playbooks serve as an invaluable resource at the gaming table, reducing the necessity of passing around the book by offering players essential information as they choose their Roles. These 11 Playbooks will include a detailed overview of each Role, a concise guide to character creation, and other pertinent details to streamline and expedite the setup process.


While Valraven can be enjoyed using three different sets of standard d6 dice, you can elevate your game with the official dice set! This collection, which comes complete with a dice bag, includes 6 Standard Dice, 3 Advantage Dice, and 3 Drawback Dice. These dice are not only themed to enhance the Valraven experience but are also compatible with other Monad Echo system games that utilize Standard, Advantage, and Drawback dice, like Dead Air: Seasons


A dual-sided poster map (23.6” x 15.7”) of Valraven, crafted on premium, thick paper. One side presents a visually striking representation of the continent's geography, while the reverse side details key locations, highlighting the current ruling faction and the challengers vying for power or emergence. The map's design ensures that no conquest is without consequence, disturbing the balance among factions and creating a continuous stream of engaging plot hooks for game missions. The map is illustrated by Greta Ricciolini.

EARLY BIRDS, PREVIOUS BACKERS & SIGN-UPS: if you are a backer in the first 48 hours of the campaign, a previous backer of any of our projects, or a backer who specifically signed up for Valraven updates before the campaign started and you back with the same email you used to sign up, you will receive a FREE 🗺️ Map of Valraven. This item will be added to your order after the campaign. 

Note: This map is featured within the Core Book and is also available as a separate Add-on.


This collection offers a series of four art prints themed around Valraven, produced on high-quality paper and showcasing the artwork of Zakuro Aoyama and Daniel Comerci. Each print measures roughly 6.6” by 9.4”.


The Core Book of Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron already includes all of the Stretch Goals that were unlocked for it in the original Italian campaign, plus some that were originally unlocked elsewhere. For this reason, all of the content Stretch Goals (Scenarios, new modes, etc.) for this campaign will be included in the second book, the Book of Eclipse. If the campaign does as well as we hope, we may be able to unlock additional physical upgrades to the rewards. In general, you will receive all Stretch Goals that apply to the rewards you are receiving, as well as those that apply to all backers. Keep an eye on updates for all the details!

UNLOCKED! - 10 000€ - Scenario - Widmar's Destiny Extended (included in the Book of Eclipse): The Quickstart Scenario with additional scenes, an alternate beginning, and more pregen characters to choose from!

UNLOCKED! - 15 000€ - Alchemy VTT support: All campaign backers will receive free access to the Alchemy VTT version of Valraven: Chronicles of Iron and Blood and all available supporting materials backed in the campaign. Estimated delivery end of 2025. Note: You will get access only to the digital version of the items you pledged for.

UNLOCKED! - 20 000€ - War Site: Widmar (included in the Book of Eclipse): A new chapter focused on the city of Widmar, with story hooks, new NPCs, events, faction agendas in the city, and more.

UNLOCKED! - 25 000€ - Scenario - The Invader (included in the Book of Eclipse): A sequel Scenario to Widmar's Destiny that can be played independently, The Invader deals with the mysterious eastern invaders Darokar, their Titans, and their alien warfare tactics.

UNLOCKED! - 30 000€ - Lone Blade: Solo Mode (included in the Book of Eclipse): Your mercenary unit left you stranded? No worries, with Solo Mode you'll be able to play Valraven by yourself, creating exciting and unpredictable twists and turns for you to overcome. This mode will also be compatible with occasional interaction with our Discord community.

UNLOCKED! - 33 000€ - Opponents & Allies NPCs (included in the Book of Eclipse): A collection of incredible NPCs developed by our friends at fellow publishers like Tin Hat Games (Urban Heroes, Xenoscape, Weird World, True OSR) Fumble GdR (Not the End), and prominent content creators from the Italian TTRPG/literary scene like Morgengabe, Adrea Lucca, Dr. Manhattan, and Gabriele Campagnano.

UNLOCKED! - 36 000€ - Solo Mode Group Expansion (included in the Book of Eclipse): An expansion for the Solo Mode that will allow you to play and manage the whole mercenary Company and not only a lone hero!

UNLOCKED! - 39 000€ - Scenario - Sancta Sanctorum (included in the Book of Eclipse): One of the contacts of the mercenary Company has gone missing, and the group is worried that this might mean someone is on their trail. They head to Espodia in the Republic of Dormas to investigate. They find a city under the control of the Holy Church of Light and a mysterious priest. Sancta Sanctorum is written by Claudio Serena from Fumble GdR (Not the End, Twice Upon a Time, Five Days, and more).

UNLOCKED! - 42 000€ - Scenario - The Birth (included in the Book of Eclipse): Lady Bryanne, of the noble De la Tour family of Erenwald, has come of age for marriage. Despite rumors that Lady Bryanne is more interested in expanding the De la Tour's influence by grinding her two-handed sword on the battlefields than in finding a husband, her elderly father, Breton, has decided to honor old customs by organizing a tournament where the winner will win his daughter's hand in marriage. But the tournament hides something much darker than that... The Birth is written by Michele Paroli of Mana Project Studio (Cowboy Bebop!, Nightfell, Journey to Ragnarok, and more).

45 000€ - Location + New Arena Rules (included in the Book of Eclipse): Many are familiar with the Crow's Nest, an area surrounding a clandestine arena where anyone can end up fighting for their life: disgraced nobles, Darokar outcasts, or even just mercenaries come to avenge a wrong done to their lord. The Crow's Nest adds a new exploarable Location, new NPCs, and a set of special rules to handle 1:1 combat in the arena.

Keep an eye on the campaign for more Stretch Goals!

  • As international distribution has proven quite tricky, backing now is your only guaranteed chance to get a copy of Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron, the Book of the Eclipse, and the Valraven accessories. This deluxe edition of the game will not be reprinted after this campaign.
  • As work progresses, you'll receive previews and WIP documents.
  • You help us unlock Stretch Goals that will make this the best edition it can be. With additional funding and community participation, we will be able to invest more in the world of Valraven going forward.
  • We believe in genuine art and illustrations made by artists with a clear vision – but this work takes time and money to be done properly.
  • We dedicate every possible moment outside of our real-life commitments to developing our games. By supporting us now, you'll aid a team of passionate indie developers, known for their consistent delivery, as we steer through a time of considerable transition in the TTRPG industry.

If you own a physical store and would like some copies of Valraven: The Chronicles of Blood and Iron, the Book of the Eclipse or the other accessories, please contact us at [email protected].


We anticipate the digital files to be ready in Q2 2025, and shipping of physical rewards shortly thereafter. While hiccups are inevitable, almost all of the content has already been written, and the remaining work will concentrate on translation, editing, layout, additional illustrations, and production. The amount of Stretch Goals unlocked usually has an impact on delivery times, but we’re trying to keep it reasonable.


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Valraven: The Chronicles of Iron and Blood is created by the same team behind Broken Tales, The Broken Ones, Broken Tales: Lost Stories and Dead Air: The Seasons. The World Anvil Publishing's Tommaso De Benetti and Luca Vanin are in charge of Creative Direction and Operations respectively; Daniel Comerci of Black Box Games is Valraven's Art Director for the look and feel of the project; and Alberto Tronchi, also of Black Box Games, is the game's lead writer. Together we have completed over 20 successful TTRPG projects and received two ENNIE nominations for Product of the Year and Best Adventure.

Zakuro Aoyama, Tommaso Lucchetti, Samuele Zardinoni, Daniel Comerci and Greta Ricciolini have contributed their illustrations. Sean Newton is once again our Lead English Editor. Erika Ajovalasit will make sure you get your stuff when the time comes. 

Last but not least, many friends from other excellent TTRPG companies and collectives are contributing to the stretch goals of this campaign (see the campaign updates for details).
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