Memento Mori - A Roleplaying Game of Dreams and Corruption

Memento Mori - A Roleplaying Game of Dreams and Corruption

Memento Mori is a role-playing game in which Players take the role of Drifters, people sick with the plague who, despite their condition and the terrible reality of Medieval Europe, are determined to fulfill their Dream.
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Actual photo of the first edition of Memento Mori

Memento Mori is a folk-horror roleplaying game set in Europe in 1347.

The Black Death is exacting its toll on Europe, and it will quickly exterminate a third of the population. The characters are a group of Drifters, infected people who come in contact with dark creatures from folklore due to their condition. With every new horror they experience, the characters will become ever less human and increasingly similar to the creatures they are fighting.

Only the Dream burning within them can keep them alive. What will they sacrifice for it?

Actual photos from the Italian edition of Memento Mori


Memento Mori has an original game system created to highlight the process of corruption and transformation undergone by the characters.

The system uses two pools of six-sided dice distinguished by color. White dice represent the human skills of Drifters, while black dice represent the supernatural powers and monstrous features that they develop.

The Drifter Sheet

When rolling dice, the Players’ objective is to roll as many 5 and 6 as possible in order to overcome the difficulty set by the Narrator. The powers developed during the Drifters’ adventure come at a steep price, because the Players are forced to choose a part of their character to sacrifice whenever the corruption grants them a new ability.

Every element on the character sheet is subject to change in order to achieve their Dream and unlock new powers.


We will produce 3 books for Memento Mori, plus a book-shaped box containing official dice and tarots. You will only need the Memento Mori corebook to start playing.

  • MEMENTO MORI: [Corebook] 200+ pages in black and white, hard cover, A5 format. The corebook contains everything you need to play, the setting, and a short introductory adventure complete with four Drifters ready to play. All neatly binded, with a canvas-style hardcover with gold lettering, and a ribbon bookmark.

  • CODEX GIGAS: 200+ pages in black and white, hard cover, A5 format. This expansion is composed of Addendum (setting), Bestiarium (creatures), Herbarium (plants), and Lapidarium (minerals). Thanks to the supernatural myths, descriptions, treasures, and ingredients in this book, the Narrator can lead the group of Drifters beyond the boundaries of the known world.

  • EX VELUM: 150+ pages in black and white, hard cover, A5 format. In this compendium of esoteric knowledge from Beyond the Veil you will find everything that was previously kept secret from Drifters because too dangerous and too powerful. Rules to use Tarot cards, and menacing revelations, a Lost Bestiarium (secret creatures), Legends from the Ephemeral Land (prominent individuals), and a Grimorium (rituals and magical items).

Memento Mori, Codex Gigas, and Ex Velum

Some of the illustrations inside the books. Art by Francesco Biagini

  • ARCA FATI: Box shaped like an A5 hardcover book. This box holds the most precious materials from this edition of Memento Mori. The Tarot deck and the custom-made dice, as well as many other surprises that we may unlock as stretch goals during our campaign. NOTE: You will need the Ex Velum supplement to use Tarots in Memento Mori.

The Arca Fati contains a deck of gold laminated Tarots, and 14 dice

  • DEATHLESS EDITION: Slipcase with a detachable magnetic 3-panel Narrator Screen. This slipcase holds the 3 Memento Mori books, and the Arca Fati box. The front is a detachable 3-panel Narrator Screen that features summary tables for all the main game rules.

All the books and the Arca Fati box inside a deluxe slipcase featuring a detachable Narrator Screen

Europe is ravaged by the Black Death. Art by Fabio Porfidia


There are 5 Pledge Levels:

  • MARKED: Every Book + Tarots + Stretch Goals in digital format (PDF)
  • DRIFTER: Memento Mori (Corebook) in hardcover + Everything in digital format (PDF)
  • ORACLE: Arca Fati (Box + Tarots + Dice) + Everything in digital format (PDF)
  • VEIL BREAKER: All 3 Books in hardcover + Everything in digital format (PDF)
  • DEATHLESS HERO: Memento Mori Deathless Edition. Everything mentioned in previous pledge levels + the Deluxe Slipcase featuring the detachable Screen by Daniela Giubellini.

RETAILERS: Please reach us at [email protected]


All Backers who pledge at a physical level in the first 48 hours will receive a free A5 print of the Wild Hunt by Francesco Biagini.

The Wild Hunt by Francesco Biagini

What lies behind the Veil? 



Memento Mori is written and designed by Italian artists Marco B. Bucci and Andrea Felicioni, and produced by the independent studio Two Little Mice (Outgunned, Household)

Marco B. Bucci is a scriptwriter and game designer who creates scripts for comic books, writes role-playing games, and manages cultural projects with horror and esoteric themes. His comic book series were published in the United States, Italy, France, and Spain. He is credited for creating the settings for tabletop games such as Dogs of War, and for D&D 5e modules such as Apocalisse.

Andrea Felicioni is the Creative Director for several digital educational projects. He also works as a UX and game designer, specializing in tabletop and role-playing games. With Marco, he is co-author of the Memento Mori saga.
Two Little Mice is an independent studio founded by Riccardo "Rico" Sirignano, Simone Formicola, and Daniela Giubellini. Among the game designed by Two Little Mice we have Household, winner of the prestigious Italian award  Role-Playing Game of the Year 2019, and the action RPG Outgunned.

The books are beautifully illustrated by Francesco Biagini, Fabio Porfidia, Alessandro Manzella and other talented Italian artists, with a marvelous slipcase/screen art by Daniela Giubellini. The English translation of Memento Mori is in the skilled hands of Caterina Arzani (Household, Broken Compass, Outgunned), who is once again teaming up with editor and friend John Marron. Luca Carbone (Outgunned) will take care of the manual design starting from the original layout of Antonio D’Achille (Household, Broken Compass).


We will be charging shipping after the end of the campaign, based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends, using PayPal or Stripe.

Following is a list of rough estimates for shipping the base pledges.

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