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Project Update: "Becc the Brave & Ceith the Curious" - an Unfound Children's Viking Adventure, begins soon

Dillon and his wife, Morgan, had a baby last year named Keith.

Their friends, the Wagners, had their baby around the same time, named Beckett.

Adorable kids.

Being the attentive parents they are, Beckett's bravery and Keith's curiosity stood out. Because there are hundreds of children's stories whose stakes are no higher than "Will the baby stand?", they went to work on something special. Something different. Something inspired by their favorite works, while maintaining its originality.

"Calvin and Hobbes" showcased a different kid of story. One that takes place through the lens of the child as they are discovering the world. To Calvin, Hobbes is a real tiger. And to Becc and Ceith, their infantile Callings are fearsome beasts! The mundane, to two young adventurers uninitiated with the secrets of the world, can provide a wild test of their mettle, and of their friendship!

And any story told in the stylings of Evan Winston, our gifted Illustrategist, is bound to be rich with detail. With touches of How to Train Your Dragon & Studio Ghibli's Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Ponyo), this is a tale you cannot miss!

About the Story:
Becc the Brave & Ceith the Curious are two young beastborns in Year 90. We're in the time of Order, an epoch of great riches and wonderful expansion throughout Bastunia. Yet there remains a lot unknown about their world....and these two youngsters will find themselves in the thick of it. With only the other to rely on, follow Becc & Ceith on a story of bravery, of discovery, and of dear friendship! 

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