Strawpurry Tea Party

Strawpurry Tea Party

The Strawpurries and the rest of the Purrberry family have invited you to tea! Share in some unique moments from the day in the form of collectable pins and perhaps some additional goodies exclusive for backers only!
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❀˖°Welcome! Let’s have Tea°˖❀

Hello and welcome to the little event made by some very tiny cats! They are so incredibly excited to see how you enjoy the party, a few of the Strawpurries friends decided to join us and help out and to make the event super special!

Oh seems like the strawpurries would like me to inform you that these pins will be only available during this campaign plus any extras left over after and that’s it you won’t be able to get them again!

Back 2 or more pins during the campaign and you’ll this free slice of cake (mini pin)
Don’t eat them D:

Please keep in mind shipping is not included and will be charged after the campaign ends during surveys!

⋆˚✿˖° Design Menu ⋆˚✿˖°

more designs will be added during the campaign!


⋆˚✿˖° Shipping & Risks ⋆˚✿˖°

Shipping will be charged after the end of the campaign during surveys. this is a price estimate, I do recommend combining an order with a friend to get the best value but generally the prices do even out into the usual cost of delivery once converted into your currency!

Prices are listed in AUD (Australian dollars)

As usual I’ll do my best to ensure every pin meets my quality standards but the nature of pins is that they’re hand made products and so some defects may be missed or not bad enough to discard the pin, for example damage on the back or a scratch only noticeable under specific lighting, this is a change to my original policy as to cut down on waste and be more environmentally conscious but be assured all pins will have a full inspection! 

I vector all my designs before submitting them to avoid design changes but they may be inevitable due to the process requirements.

There’s always potential issues that can occur with shipping, if countries close off deliveries again like during the COVID pandemic or because of country conflict I can’t do anything about it but I’m sure or hope everyone understands that!

I am a little nervous about exchange rates as this is the first campaign I’ve run in Australian dollars but I’ll update all goals and lower or add on as required to assure I can purchase everything!

⋆˚✿˖° Timeline ⋆˚✿˖°

I hope you’re enjoying the festivities! Here you can see how long we’ll be celebrating 
And of course you can continue the fun after you receive your pins but it’s important to have a good timeline otherwise the strawpurries will get too tired! 

✿ March 28th - April 18th 2024
✿ smoke screen surveys 2 weeks
✿ Normal survey 1 week
✿ Production July - August (extra time incase of something happening)
✿ Fulfilment!


⋆˚✿˖° Social media ⋆˚✿˖°

Best way to keep up to date with all the happenings of strawpurries, Momo and art commissions!


Also don’t forget to follow my collaboration partner!

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