Kitties Of Whiskerwood

Kitties Of Whiskerwood

A hard enamel series featuring the cute cats of Whiskerwood.
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This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →



Who are the Kitties Of Whiskerwood? Welcome to my crowdfunding campaign! I am Catherine, the creator of Walnut And Clam. It all began one night when I was hungry, and I imagined a cat, a baker specifically, taking out a tray of freshly baked baguette out of the oven. Yum~ This is how the first kitty shop, Boulangerie Du Chat, was created. And from there, Whiskerwood, a kitty town, was born. Over the years, more shops were added to the town, residentials were established, and in this project, I am going to introduce the residents of the town, the kitties of Whiskerwood!


New Designs Added!

New design added!!!  Sketching kitty will be a freebie pin for all pin backers who backed for three or more pins during the campaign! However, you can still back this pin on its own, or add it as an add-on if you want. Please be reminded that if you qualify for the collab-pin (mushroom foraging pin), the collab-pin will not be counted towards one of the three pins backed. The sticker version of the sketching kitty will also be added to the sticker pack as a freebie!

Pancake kitty pin will be unlocked at $8700 CAD! In addition, once it is unlocked, the sticker version of this design will be added to the sticker pack with no additional cost! Help us unlock this kitty before the campaign is over!


Before we dive into the designs, I am really excited to announce that Kitties of Whiskerwood is a Backerkit Pintopia 2 crowdfunding project! It is a special project in which I collaborate with another amazing artist, Amber & Moss (see link for their project), to bring you an exclusive crossover pin that will be offered to all backers as a freebie!! Here is how you can get this freebie pin:

1. Both Amber & Moss and my project will need to be 100% funded.
2. You will need to support both of our projects (any physical item reward tier). 

Now let's take a look at all the designs including the freebie crossover pin!! 


For this project, there will be a total 12 mini enamel pins, one of which is the cross over pin with Amber & Moss. The pins measure around 0.6" - 0.9" big, depending on the design. All pins come with one or two pin posts with rubber clutches. I will discuss with my manufacturer to see if we can have two pin posts for some of the pins. Let's take a look at the designs!

All pins will be shipped with backing cards. However, to save on material and time for fulfillment, the pins will be packed according to above plan. Please note that the designs and sizes of the above backing cards are not final.



All the designs are also available as stickers! Please note that the amount of details on the stickers are slightly different from the pins, as I added some shadows and highlights to the stickers to make the design more rich. Stickers range from 2.25" for baking kitty to 3.3" for the stargazing kitty. Everything else falls between this range!

Stickers will be available to pledge on its own as sticker pack. The full set will consist of eleven (including sketching kitty, which is not shown here) designs, and can be purchased at the sticker pledge level. Individual stickers are also available as add-ons. Please note that once the pancake kitty is unlocked, the pancake kitty sticker will be added to the sticker pack with no additional cost!


Unlocking Schedule

The initial goal will unlock three pins - Scootering Kitty, Running Kitty, and the Mushroom Foraging Kitty (freebie cross over pin). Each sequential stretch goal will unlock different items. See below~


Shipping and Tax

Shipping fee will be collected separately from the pledge after the campaign ends. Yes, this means your credit card will be charged twice. Once for your pledge for the pins/ stickers, once for shipping fee/ pledge manager add-ons. Here is the estimated shipping cost for each country:

  • United States 
    • Approx. $10 CAD - $15 CAD depending on the weight of the order. Tracking included. For your reference, all orders up to two full set of mini pins + two full set of sticker packs (~150 g or less) will be $10 CAD. 

  • Canada  
    • $5 CAD. No tracking. Tracking upgrade will be available at pledge manager. Please consider adding tracking if your packages are prone to getting lost, as I will not be sending out replacements. Thank you so much for your understanding. 

  • International - As shipping fees changes all the time for international packages, please contact me for an accurate estimate for the country I need to ship the package to. 

 Canadian backers
-I will be collecting GST/HST for all Canadian pledges along with shipping charges after the campaign ends, and remitting the GST/HST back to the Canadian government. Customer will be responsible for any provincial taxes.

US and International Backers
- Backers are responsible for tax/custom fees.  

*****I will not be taking any EU and UK pledges through Backerkit due to the VAT law. If you are interested in these pins, please DM me and I can create a pre-order on Etsy for you with the backerkit price! Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


March 28 - Project launches! It will run for 21 days.
April 18- Campaign ends
Beginning of May  -Surveys send out
Middle of May - Lock orders. Production begins
July - Receive pins
July to August - Rewards sent out

Above timeline is just an estimate based on my previous projects. If there are any changes due to production issues, I will send out an update to all the backers.

Previous Project

Please also visit my Etsy shop or IG for more images of my products!


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