All available Add-ons

  • Molly House Metal Minatures

    Molly House Metal Minatures

    1,323 purchased

    x5 oversized metal player miniatures (50mm tall!) in 5 unique colors. x1 metal constable patrol pawn.

  • Molly House Card Sleeves

    Molly House Card Sleeves

    987 purchased

    100+ cards sleeves for Molly House. Exact card count and size TBA. Clear, fully transparent standard sleeves.

  • Molly House

    Molly House

    38 purchased

    1x copy of Molly House. English, 1st printing. A game of queer joy and betrayal in eighteenth century London.

  • Pax Pamir: Second Edition

    Pax Pamir: Second Edition

    70 purchased

    x1 copy of Pax Pamir: Second Edition. English, 5th printing. A game of treachery and empire in nineteenth century Afghanistan.

  • Pax Pamir Metal Coins

    Pax Pamir Metal Coins

    170 purchased

    40x metal coins with 19th century recreation design stored in a cloth bag.

  • Pax Pamir Card Sleeves

    Pax Pamir Card Sleeves

    108 purchased

    150x clear plastic card sleeves. Fully transparent. 80 micron thickness.

  • John Company

    John Company

    97 purchased

    1x copy of John Company. English, 2nd printing. A game of bureaucracy and nepotism in the British East India Company.

  • John Company Metal Coins

    John Company Metal Coins

    170 purchased

    x90 metal coins with 18th and 19th century recreation designs in four denominations.

  • John Company Sleeves

    John Company Sleeves

    128 purchased

    100x sleeves that fit the 89 x 57 mm bridge cards and 160x sleeves that fit 68 x 44 mm Mini-Euro cards. Fully transparent plastic. 80 micron thickness.