Westley Coleman
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Did you move? Will you be moving before January? Update Your Address! You have until Monday the 28th of November.

Dearest nerdy friends,

1. We are expecting the Travelbooks and other goodies to arrive within the next two weeks!
We would like to ship them to your address. IF your address is changing before January 1st, please go into your pledge manager and put your new address into the system. You have until November 28th to update your address. After that date we will lock the address, and ship your order to it. You can access your pledge manager here: https://novel-bookwallets-2.backerkit.com/

2. Check this out.

3. What have we been up to?
 -Website rennovations
-Designing and ordering the stationery (they are delicious) (Sneak peaks soon)
-Finalizing the unboxing experience for Travelbooks
-Working on new bookwallet/Travelbook/Journal designs !!!
-Finalizing bookjournal samples!
-Played my first D&D game. (I was a Deep Gnome Rogue named "Gooch Mongous")

4. What have you been up to?
I will be in touch very soon with thrilling updates. Our home is about to be a delightful chaos as we squeeze this fulfillment in before Christmas time. 

I hope you are spending quality thankful time with people who are dear to you! 

Much love. Keep Reading. 

-Wes & team <3





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