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Project Update: Response Needed. All Titles Unlocked, Please Answer This Poll - Which Title Are You Most Excited To Choose?

Hey bookish travelers, 

Here we are with a week to go! A hearty welcome to all the new friends joining us!

1. Poll Explanation
2. Social Media Boost! (Last Update Cont.)
3. New Pledge Level!

1. Poll Explanation
So we decided to unlock all of the designs. AND we can produce all of them EXCEPT FOR the bottom two titles. There are 24 options, BUT only 22 will survive the cut. So we need to get your vote. Which title are you MOST excited for? Answer the poll now please. 

We did not reach our intial goals, but that is alright. :) We will still have a good time and bring you these beauties. Ultimately, we want you to be happy and excited, and so we think that popular demand is the best way to choose which 22 make the cut. So please answer the above poll. :) The two titles with the least votes will be dropped from selection.

Please Vote :)

Le Fantome & Forest Green Jane Eyre Unlocked!

2. Social Media Boost! (Last Update Cont.)
To keep growing the project until its final moments, I had some ideas that I detailed in the last update. In case you missed them, they are here below! We have made slight progress, thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! (No news from the publicity yet...)

 -Email VegNews & MentalFloss asking them to write an article about our project! [email protected] | [email protected]
-Use the template below.
-Our Goal is for them to write articles about the project! IF even one organization does... then we will find a fountain style pen, compatable with the Travelbooks. YAY! That would be SO EPIC. Both organizations covered our last project and it was SO helpful.
-Please add your own flair to the email! The more differentiation in our attempts, the more effective and personal they will be. :)

Hello my name is [     ]

I am a part of the community that is bringing an exciting project to life.
The project is Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books.

I think your audience would really appreciate this idea. Would your incredible team PLEASE consider writing an article about this project? It would mean the world to our community!

Thank you so much

[email protected]
-Please make a thoughtful comment & tag 3 friends on each of the below links! If you do not have these platforms post or share our project on the ones you do! :) If we get atleast 200 comments on each link we will release the Stationery Items for Add-on.





3. New Pledge Level!
Hey everybody! We are introducing a NEW pledge level that will include One Travelbook & One Bookwallet! (We are still finalizing the details. You will still be able to select bookwallets for add-on after the campaign in the pledge manager. We just thought this would be a sweet idea). We will finalize this next week! If you dont already know, our first crowdfunding project was for the bookwallet, which is essentially a minimalist version of the Travelbook. Some of you may be interested in getting a matching bookwallet for your Travelbook... just imagine...

More to come!

Thanks for your engagement and support. :)
-Travelbook Team

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