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    Infernos, Deskmat of the Aeons, is a Backerkit exclusive and will never be reprinted again or sold anywhere other than the campaign! Deskmats are 16x36 to give a phenomenal and huge surface for your mouse and keyboard. Liven up your office space and game comfortably. The deskmat has stitched edges to prevent fraying, It's machine washable, spill proof, and heat resistant.

    Additional Copies of The WoW Diary

    Additional Copies of The WoW Diary

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    If you backed the original campaign or want to purchase additional copies for yourself or to give as a gift we're offering an exclusive 50% discount when you add this to your order!

  • 2nd Printing Slipcase

    2nd Printing Slipcase

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    For those who have the book from the previous printing you can get the new slipcase! Backers will receive the empty slipcase from this Backerkit embellished with a metal plate, signed, and numbered by John!